Do you fear evil?


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    Skitch 'em fido.LMAO

    Those dogs are cute!

    Randy brilliant some one sent me that via email oxoxo

    Can you see children standing in line as well ?!

    I think the cats probably thinking, I walk this way every day and no dogs going to stop me.

    Think i might turn a bit evil if you dont let me have one of those!!!!:)

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    Life is filled with lessons... there is no time to fear... there is too much work to be done.


    I swim with you, Fish girl.

    I'm pretty familiar with evil.No I don't fear it,just avoid it as much as possible.

    I love that photo Randy.Some gutsy cat hay?

    One fears the unknown, I know evil well, I have no fear of it.

    I don't fear it , but I sure don't like it....


    You make me laugh. The dogs are trained and the cat knows they won't attack. Big deal!
    Headless Man

    But the point is real, she had to trust the trainer.

    Yep, I sure do fear evil.  I fear more than evil, but don't let it immobilize me.  
    Yep, I use my faith as an armor to "face the fear". 
    When I had to take out the garbage in the dark as a kid, it was scary for me.  I would recite the 23rd Psalm all the way to the dumpster and all the way back to the house.  I walked because I believed I would be safe, but I walked as fast as was humanly possible!
    And, honestly, every time I come across a faith-based question from you, Randy, I fear it's going to turn into a Christian bash for some of our members.  I can turn the other cheek as much as the next guy, but why do you persist in setting us up for that?   


    Moderator's never-ending!

    no the only thing i fear s the lord, god.

    I dont like the experiance of evil but I know for sure Jesus will stand beside me all the way. Once I was walking down a street at night on my own and I was catching up on about 9 of a gang. I slowed down so I would not have to pass them. I was afraid to turn and perhaps they would then turn and follow me. I prayed." Yea though I walk through the vally of the shadow of death I will fear no evil" I then walked through the middle of them and not one even looked at me. I felt Jesus beside me.

    Headless Man

    Now you know how that cat

    When I'm confronted with something that seems evil, or demonic, I just say, '' In the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord, Get thee behind me, Satan ''

    I do not fear evil. But, yes, if an evil-looking person or animal was approaching me or chasing me, I would be plenty scared. I just have to say, though, that I have never understood (even as a child) fearing God. I just don't get it. God is perfect, all-abiding, every present, omniscient love. What's to fear???

    Headless Man

    Fear is used as a way of respect, you fear his discipline for your sin so you ask for forgiveness and he does.

    I respect my husband, but I do not fear him. Now of course, my husband is not God, so a poor comparison, perhaps. But I do not believe God has it within his/her/its nature to discipline even tho in the Bible the story is told that He killed over 20 million of his children for being bad ... sorry, I don't believe it.
    Headless Man

    No, for sining and he offers forgiveness but it is our choice.

    " I fear not-thin! but then I carry a "Big Stick". " Tho' I ain't too fond of clowns (circus nor the Washington D.C.) type; they both look as if their hid-in some-thin."

    Negativity rules in these days and times - we must live with the evil around us - and hold that much stronger to the positive to influence the inevitable turnaround of energies!


    You're new here? Welcome and have fun.

    Yeah, welcome Camelman. We're always glad to see a new face, even if it is turquoise.

    I do fear evil,in todays society with what we see and hear can be quite disturbing and frightening.Whats not to say i could fall victim to something sinister.It can be a big scary world out there.

    Chickens would consider their execution for an evening meal to be evil….but their ability to understand what evil is, is not in their ability to comprehend. I have heard those who considered themselves as intellectuals speak enthusiastically about how eugenics in our modern culture is the rite of free men to use their inferior counterparts for all sorts of evil mischief. I consider them as an unredeemable diseases as they seek to glorify and uplift humanity by evil deeds and actions. I prey for their removal from our culture, here, to some other abode in the universe that may need to know not to do that. 


    Good point. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly - there are evil practices such as genetic manipulation that are evil. There is evil in politics. There is evil in our banking system. Prejudice of any kind is evil. Yes, these evils set upon our cultures and our world are truly evil. I pray that good outweighs evil, but sometimes I fear that it will not and we will literally destroy ourselves ... in my lifetime? Probably not. In my grandchildren's lifetime? Quite possibly.

    The fear that I have is realize when I dissobey my God. So the fear of God is the begining of wiisdom, our father will correct his children.

    ""The only worms are in the apple. They are religous fanatics who think only they are right. Look at the state of the world.

    Headless Man

    There is a right way but you need to make that choice.

    Eggie, you know what's worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm?? Half a worm. Yuk-Yuk

    I do not fear evil for fear is a way to control others. I don't give up my power of control.


    Well said!

    Honi soit qui mal y pense ... Evil to him who evil thinks.


    Didn`t know you wore Garters Maz?
    That will probably have the non English background going HUH? "Garters what garters"

    Yes you are quite right PL its the motto of the "Order of the Garter". The Garter ceromony takes place at Windsor Castle every June & is one of the highest orders in Britain.

    Do you suppose this kitten is fearing the "evil" German Shepherd or maybe she learned to trust "the trainer" at her very young age.


    Maybe it's all just an illusion..... ; )

    Most of you are full of it, not fear this or that, hop on a plane to a war zone and see how  you feel then, you don`t have any idea what fear is until you hear the click of a round being fed into the chamber.

    Headless Man

    Yea, your right I've never served due to health but I've been at deaths door several times, I didn't like the pain but fear was not there. If God is done with me here on earth I'm ready.

    Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of  death, I shall fear no evil ,as I'm the meanest son of a bitch that ever walked the God damned valley.


    Headless Man

    You think so, wait till you meet the headless

    off a tee shirt

    i dont fear evil at all

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