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    be the company or be the host(ess)?   This year my sister and her husband hosted the Thanksgiving meal in their home.  Last year, it was my honor, and the year before my mom took the reins.  I loved preparing my home for the event and helping my sister and mom when they were "in charge".  DO YOU PREFER TO HOST AN EVENT IN YOUR HOME, OR DO YOU LIKE TO BE THE GUEST AT SOMEONE ELSE'S DINNER OR PARTY?   How come????

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    Open house at Christmas is fantastic... a day of laughter and great food. I hope your day is fantastique! I wish I could be there! :)

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    i used (my wife and i) to love hosting having our friends over to entertain , it was great fun , but when it's all said and done  we wind up with this giant mess , with what seems like very little gratitude, Now our days i rather be the guest, not that we're ungrateful , we always show up with a nice bottle of wine as well as a homemade dessert treat,. but the beauty is when we are tired and want to go it's so much easier than when your hosting and saying good night to guest while their still there.


    You probably have the definitive answer. It is fun to entertain, but it is a lot of work to put together and "take apart". You and your wife would be at the top of my guest list! Wine and homemade dessert!! PLUS the pleasure of your company.
    (I always help with the cleanup; sometimes I have to be restrained in a restaurant so I don't bus my own table) :D

    I'm thinking next year my wife and i will just have dinner out a nice restaraunt .. so much easier.

    That sounds very nice, too. Sharing a pleasant meal in an intimate atmosphere; NOT having to clean up afterwards.

    This is a hard one to call... I used to be the party thrower but the list of invites has grown shorter.  So, I'd like to be the guest now days and cook something really impressive to make all the other guest exclaim!


    Mom and Dad used to have company parties. Now everyone except my mom is gone. She really enjoys bringing too much food to every family event. :D Do you have a certain recipe that is outstanding for taking to a party?

    A very special banana split cake. Get my email address from Colleen and I'll send it to you. It is truly decadent...

    Will do!

    I love being the hostess.  Decorating... planning, list making... baking and cooking.  My favorite part is when the guests arrive and the house comes alive... more than it normally is.  Which is a lot lately.


    It is fun getting a party together! Today I realized that I want to get my home decked out for Christmas and invite my friends from church and bowling for an open house. (I must need more sleep)

    This is a difficult one! .....  Every Christmas we are highly sought after by our three grown up children, thier partners & our Grandchildren so we have to have a strict rota. We do spend hours playing with the grandchildren too. We do however on boxing day have an open house (buffet style) for all family & friends which we really enjoy hosting - not the same as hosting a full christmas meal though. We both love the hosting bit. We aways do the washing up too lol.      


    Sounds like a wonderful holiday season! Friends and family, plus a party of your own. (I'm very helpful at cleanup time....)

    My Children and their children always come to Grandmas house for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They tell me it is not the same if they don't come to Grandma's house. I love having them. there are twenty of us. I do have the biggest house and the most parking. I do however think when they become grandparents I am going to their house. We all help in the food prep and the cleanup and everyone gets along. The only booze might be a bottle of wine with dinner for 9 adults.

    We still laugh and giggle like crazy, We are blessed. So I guess I like to be the hostess but am looking forward to being the guest.


    This sounds like my Christmas miracle come true. You truly are blessed in abundance!

    I would much rather be the hostess ... It's all about C O N T R O L!!   {{heh-heh}}

    Bob/PKB and my mom!

    Oh, you big you!

    I'm always the host. I sleep better blasted in my own bed. Drunks NEVER leave my house.


    Why am I not surprised by anything you say.

    It's a ph thing. Eventually it's just all good!

    I love to host parties and I also love to attend parties. A little bit of both worlds keeps a nice balance!


    Absolutely. AND, you get to hang with different people at different parties!

    The last bash we had was our daughters 43rd birthday.We had over 50 of our (&her) dearest friends over.We had a great BBQ & set up a dessert stand with strawberries & cream & ice cream & put the 2 littlest kids in charge of it.That was a smash hit. We loved it & loved doing it for our girl.


    What a great party and how those little ones must have enjoyed being in charge of that yummy dessert! Sounds like you know how to give a good party!

    Agree with ed, I used to love parties at my place, lots of food  and vino, nobody left until the the wee hours and it took us days to get over the hangovers (and the hanger honers) I still love parties and get together s but  I'm too lazy  to clean up and too old to stay up, I like to go home when I feel like it instead of having my bloodshot eyeballs hanging out on sticks these days, the days of snoozing on someone else s lawn are gone, like my own bed


    But you still go, right? It wouldn't be a very good party if lambshank wasn't there!

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