Not a question, Happy Thanksgiving to all members and please have a safe holiday.


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    You to Spacey have a good one!

    Thank you so much !!

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    Happy American Thanksgiving!  Everyone.

    Especially to Jenn! Think happy thoughts! 

    Thank you SG!



    Thank you so much Colleen, WE ARE FRIENDS, and so glad we are, we are also FAMILY, The AkaQA family, xoxoxo

    That we are my friend (((hugs to you!)))

    Thanks  Spacy, i have never had a   Have a happy day to all Americans, and a safe one.


    Im sorry bulletman I forgot everyone doesn't celebrate the holiday, but anyway have a wonderful day anyhow.

     Thanksgiving Horn of Plenty  

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our American and Candian friends


    We have had our Thanksgiving already Mel but thank you!

    fish girl what date was it! was it the 31st!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in America.

    Tis the season to be thankful for all your friends. Have a great day to all.


    May you be surrounded with good people and good vibes, Oh, and a big fat bird.

    Thanks, same to you!

    Feliz Día de Gracias a ti también ... y estar a salvo


    Gracias tanto !!

    su bienvenida

    We are having a "white Thanksgiving Day" It snowed yesterday. Hope everyone has a great day!


    Ann How is Chester! I do hope he is a little better than a couple of days ago! oxoxoox

    Thank you Mel for asking. I was going to post it this morning, but could not bring myself to actually admit, that Chester will be going over the rainbow bridge very soon. He is not getting better. I have prayed and prayed, but God said its his time and I have to let him go.It wii be the hardest thing I ever had to do. Please say a prayer for Chester./

    Ann I am so sorry to hear that my Poor little Chester will not make it... I have tears in my eyes as I am wrighting this poor little boy but as you say its his time to go.. I feel so much in what you are going through as you know I have been there soooo many times and it never gets easier....Ann I am saying a prey for you and Chester right now you are both in my thoughts and Ann you have done everything for Chester and do not reproach your self you have given him the best life in the world and think of all the happy times you both had together loads of preys and love mel xxxxx
    country bumpkin

    Snow Ann, for Thanksgiving, sounds beautiful. I told my son yesterday it seems to hot to be Thanksgiving. Temp was in the 70's. I'm sorry too about Chester. I know how hard it is to lose a loved pet.

    Ann, I am sorry to hear this news of Chester. My prayers are with the two of you. I know exactly how you feel. I have been there.
    xox Fishgirl

    I'm so sorry Ann. I know this truly is the hardest thing. (((Chester)))) so goes with you. (((Ann))) love is sent to you to help you through.

    Chester is still with us. Just as we made the decision to put him to sleep, he perked up, as if to say " I dont want to leave yet". That was Saturday. We have to take him to Manchester, NH. for an MRI, to see why he is still breathing the way he is. We should know for sure then. Manchester is 1 hour and a half away from here. I cant imagine there is nothing closer.Thanks, Mel and everyone for your prayers and concern. I will let you know. Love and prayers, Ann

    thanx, same to you........happy turkey day!

    I'm back! everybody have happy thankgving ! had some trouble finding my way back to the site,my old pc. crash on me.Well don't be eathing to much Turkey , so have a happy Thankgiving day and enjoy!!!!!


    We are very glad to have you back FB, Happy Thanksgiving.

    TK.Spaceghost have a happy Thankgiving,good to be back.
    country bumpkin

    Welcome back Facebook.

    TK.Country bumpkin! had a bit trouble getting back on site.pc crash.

    Had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, we had around fifty to sixty people to join us for Thanksgiving dinner WOW,  but we had PLENTY  food.

    country bumpkin

    Did you have to sit at the kids table? LOL

    Oh my goodness! What a day that must have been. How wonderful.

    I did really sit at the kids table LOL, but I enjoyed every minute of it and I enjoyed everyone that was there.

    Thank you, God for making me.

    I’m not in Heaven.

    I’m can’t fly.

    I’m not a fish, Thank God

    After his memorable poem, Stephen P., age 4, outlined his hand. On the thumb part he made a turkey wattle and a yellow beak. Each of this fingers had lines that represented feathers. There were stick legs, of course.

    This poem was penned 20 years ago by a little boy in my preschool. Every year it is our grace as we stand around our feast.

    I am thankful for what I have. Some times I forget. Have a good one, boys and girls.

    country bumpkin

    ITSMEE: I'm so happy to see you back here again. I missed you. I don't know why you were away, I just hope everythings okay with you now. Love, CB

    It’s good to be back. I have to be careful of addiction. It’s good to see you, country bumpkin. Eventually, I’ll bump into some others I’ve missed. 

    My Thanksgiving was really quiet and nice.  Wore shorts for most of the day so the weather wasn't "fall cool" but, it was nice anyways........


    The weather here was wonderful, really enjoyed it.
    country bumpkin

    Did you pass cabbage gas last night? LOL

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