I have two grandchildren who were placed with me 2 days ago by CPS because my 3 year old grandson got out of the house an made his way down the road at about 8:00am his mother and father were still asleep. The 16 year old who lives in the house left for school and didn't wake my daughter up to chain lock the door back,This is how he was able to get out.They took my daughter and son in-law to jail for child endangerment.There was a anonymous tip 3weeks prier that the people in my house were cooki

    ng meth in my barn an doing meth in front of my youngest son which was a lie.When the CPS worker came out about my grandson,she informed me that they needed to look around the property and look in my barn to make sure there were no meth labs in there,She also asked where my son was and if I let him do drugs,An would I let them give him a drug test at school? I told her my son didn't use drugs and he was in school where he should be on a Tuesday at about 9:00 am in the morning An if she needed too she could test him.She was not going to leave my grandchildren with me until I gave her permission to look, or test him so I did so.Which they found nothing on the property and didn't show up at my sons school to test him.When she left my grandchildren with me she only gave me paper work in my daughters name stating not to give the children to her when she got out of jail until I had called the CPS worker, which was done and my daughter was told not to take the children back up to the house where her son had got out of until there was a new lock system in place but the CPS worker said she could have her 2 children back.My question is: Do I have to comply with CPS any further? Do I have to let them embarrass my son by making him take a drug test that is not needed? If I wanted could I take my son and my self out of state seeing there is no court order or really a case opened on me?The only thing they have against me is a anonymous tip which was a lie an if there was some kind of drug use why in the world would they leave 2 small children with me.Well I will be waiting your answer an Thank you in advance.I also live in Kentucky.

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    I am 100 % in agreement with you until your last line . People just dont tell their stories well in most cases . This looks like a simple chain of events story . Needs a bunch of fact checking and all those tests need to be done ,before any determination . Fact is any vindictive neighbour can accuse you of anything true or false . Insufficient data to make a hard and fast finding about anything. Your questions are very on point .            Bill


    Thank you Bill, I am learning as I go. You are right about that last line, my anger got the best of me, I need to keep that in check. Thanks you. regards/yvonne57

    I think CPS is done with you as long as the lock is changed and there are NO FURTHER INCIDENTS.   You have a young son and a grown daughter with husband and 2 kids?  How old is the son they want to drug test?   I don't know why you would leave the state unless you are guilty. Why would you uproot all the kids if you don't need to?  Just do what you are supposed to do.  CPS does not expect a lot from people.  Bare minimum at the most.  Can't your daughter at least do that?


    I'm not guilty of anything and my home has been checked by CPS an the cops so the lies were just that lies.I'm only thinking about my son and the fact that he is not my blood kin and he has all ready lost his BIO-mother and siblings and me and my family are his only family left.He is a great young man and I don't think he deserves to be put through this kind of trauma again in his short life.He is only 13teen.I think you might want to read up on how CPS works an some of the horror they have put families through for no other reasons other then they could.An for you to say your anger got the best of you is almost laughable because all you did was read a couple of paragraph and we have to live through this mess that someone thinks was a funny joke when they called it in.I pray to god that you never have someone do this to you and play with your and your childrens freedom !

    This has EVERYTHING to do with reason-ability. I am absolutely against any kind of drug use/abuse in the household, especially when a young child is involved, yet will never expect any one of my family members to be persecuted due to not maintaining the Governments view of "Bare Minimum". If the Government were to harass your family for "information" repeatedly w/out a cause, you too would be upset. It is OBVIOUS you have not ,yet, ran into any complications due to false information fed to the government. I would hope your last comments would not inspire people to find you not "doing what you are suppose to do".

    RoadRunner33, I have had it happen to my Daughter and she still hasn't gotten 2 of her Children back from their other Mom-Mom's.  You know why?  Because they are where they should be.  Just like your son is with you, biological or not.   My anger did get the best of me and I wasn't acting as an advocate then but as a Mom and I got mad.  Mad at my Daughter for not having her girls with her.  Mad at :the system you and I are arguing about, even though we are on the same side.    I pray to God RoadRunner33 that you NEVER have to go through something like this again.  That your Son will get through all this with minimal damage and that you sleep with peace knowing that all is well.   With Great Regards/yvonne57

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