Does anyone remember Woolworth's and if so, do you miss them?   ""

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    Thank You for sharing that, It brought a smile.

    clonge, I watched the video,good stuff, our woolies isn't that good.Just groceries.

    Thank you Clonge great videao - I do not know of the artist and am surprised by the Video re Woolies - only thought they were here in the UK - surprise.

    Dopey: Another Country singer, Kathy Mattea had a hit with the same song, but Nanci Griffith had the original. I found her recently by accident and I've been a Country music fan since the '70's. She's fantastic and virtually unknown, even in the U.S.

    Thank you Clonge - I will look out for these girls - just love country music - have lots but as I said haven't heard of these.

    Nanci is lovely.I could listen to her all day.

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    Sure I remember Woolworth's,that's where my mom and I would stop in to get a bite to eat after shopping in downtown Cleveland when I was a kid.I miss being a kid shopping with my mom more than I mss Woolworth's but it was a cool place.

    We have Woolworths here in Australia,it is one of our leading supermarkets alongside with Coles.


    AND you can still get Vanilla Coke there too! LOL

    Yes I do.  My friends and I used to take the bus downtown on Saturdays and shop there.  Good memories.

    Yes I remember Good Old Wollies I even had a Saturday job while I was at School as most kids had Saturday jobs

    Yes, what i remember most was the soda fountain.. when i was a kid my friends and i would peddle our bikes down to woolworths, i thought i was king of the world on a saturday afternoon sipping on a strawberry ice cream soda..


    How about Ben Franklin stores?

    never heard of em sir !!

    If you miss Woolworths that much just tick down to OZ we have plenty for you to do your shopping.

    I remember cramming eight people into the camera booth and having our pictures taken.

    The founder of Woolworth's was a survivor of the Dohmer party which resorted to eating one another during a brutal winter back in the 1800's. They were never really forgiven for their acts and endured much criticism.  

    Sure I remember Woolwoth's. I also remember W.T. Grant's, Zayre's, Ames...I guess you could say I feel sad to see any of those big chains go down, as it is like a part of your old memories associated with those places just withered up and blew away.

    How I remember Woolies with fondness cannot remember the owners - always bought things there especial in the early years - videos, cards bibs and bobs later CD's bibs and bobs don't remember vegetables though,  and remember seeing them all boarded up a few years ago with sadness it always had a good atmosphere.


    Umbriel - I understand - just never seen veggies here in UK. Thanks.

    I can't believe a question about a supermarket generated a religious debate, seems entirely inappropriate to involve religion in this lighthearted question, I truly don't have any objection to anyone's personal and private belief, but nor do I ask for divine intervention when buying cornflakes


    Great it!!!

    lambshank Great answer - but regarding this religious thing - I am lost here?

    ANYONE on this site, Christian or not, could certainly question the stupidity of a reponse to a question about Woolworth's being,  "turn to Christ and move forward".  What????  

    @ c-man...Woolworth's is a store!  It's not a church nor an idol nor a religion so what are you talking about?  If you are so interested in having people believe you, then start making sense with your responses.  It will work better.  No wonder non-Christians get fed up!!!

    I would also add that Christians should not constantly be referred to as "Bible Thumpers" unless there are also other religions that we are free to name call.  That's only fair.

    Thanks for all of the responses! I was tempted to blast c-man also, but didn't want to aggravate myself even more. I thought a "thumbs down" would suffice, but you captured my sentiments exactly.


    I feel the way you do... Thanks is in order!

    Clonge, Please send to the admin and have them change your e-mail address to one that we can reach you through. You can contact them through the "contact" link at the bottom of the page. Only the moderators and the admin will see your e-mail address. I tried to e-mail you but the e-mail address you provided is not valid.
    Please do not thumbs down answers that are not vulgar or racist or hurtful.

    I loved Woolworths. They don't have them anymore here in SD.

    Fondly. One of my favorite memories is going to Woolworth's with my mother and on special occasions we also lunched there. What a treat!


    Me too witchway,one of my favorite memories with my mom,she did'nt drive so we would take a bus to downtown Cleveland,Ohio to shop at the big department stores and then head to Woolworth's for a bite to eat before heading home.One thing I'll alway's remember about Woolworth's are the wooden floor's.

    So nice to have memories like that and to share them with others. Thanks for sharing ClevelandRick, so nice of you.

    It was a great place when I was a child.It had a place where you could eat and the smell of the pop corn machine>

    Pythonlover, I think we are a bit deprived here maybe we have a claytons woolies, ours doesn't have soda fountains, or photo booths, just groceries and lots of badly behaved children,(sorry I'm not terribly tolerant of lolly tantrums)

    i remember Woolworth's. that was the first store where you could buy good stuff cheap.

    It is interesting to see the situation in the UK. In prosperous towns the Woollies sites have been quickly re-occupied by other shops, but in depressed areas the sites remain vacant. Yes, I do miss Woolies but honestly, I can't imagine how they survived so long.

    Memories of my grandmother taking we kids, one at a time (there was a brood of 6), to Woolworth's on a shopping trip for something always to include their lunch counter.  It brings back some warm memories of my childhood (some of the few). 

    Yes it was a great shop , sold most things at a sensible price.

    I use to do electrical contrating work all over the south of England on Woolworth stores,and Oxford street was great it  was a Super store,

    Thier was at one time over 1200 Woolworth stores in England,they,ranged from Super stores,to grades 1.2.3.AND4, as already said i worked on many of them,doing the eletricial installion works,like the film ,still miss them,


    sure was hector 5559 but did go downhill in it's latter years - so sad. That's the way it is sometimes although not sure why it was never the same.

    Only use thumbs down for bad language or abusive remarks. Not just because you disagree with a remark.


    Sorry, but a lot of people were offended by this, including yours truly. There are more people in this world that don't believe in Christ than those who do. Utterly stupid questions and remarks deserve thumbs down. What if a 20 year-old wrote in, stating that he raped a 5 year-old, and asks if it's o.k. Does this deserve a thumbs-up in your book?... Or the almost 3,000 people killed on 9/11 because they "deserved it."
    Headless Man

    How can that even be compared, not the same c-man was sharing his believes.
    Your first example was a crime and should be reported.
    Your last example is a stupid idea that should be debated.
    But according to site rules neither should get a TD unless
    bad language or abusive remarks.

    I certainly don't know what the trigger for this was, but a TD for me is when I find the answer offensive, completely contrary to my opinion or values, and you can be assured there will be a comment to explain why the TD. It's so easy to agree or give TU or TY.

    "c-man was sharing his believes"

    His beliefs have nothing to do with the question. Bible thumping is not what akaQA is all about.

    As stated to me by an administrator of akaQA who drew out the guide lines of what I was to moderate here:

    "Our site is a "questions and answers" site, that has only one general purpose: helping people to find answers to their questions.
    Our site is not destined for the preaching of religious beliefs. We will not allow religious people to scare non believers on akaQA. We want akaQA to be a safe place for everyone, regardless to sex, skin color, nationality and religious beliefs. We consider ourselves to be liberal. We believe in freedom of speech and we want our site to be a stage for everyone. We allow people to express themsselves freely, but when a group of people starts preaching their beliefs to the point when other members who don't share these beliefs starts feeling uncomfortable, then we need to step in."

    This is why I try to limit the amount of bible thumping that goes on here. We are not a religious platform for every wanna be preacher or devout follower to toss God/bible/religion into near every question that comes along.

    Thanks Bob/PKB. I'm glad there's intelligent life out there. In all fairness, I'm sure there are many,many more like us; they just haven't responded.
    Headless Man

    Only using your rules here:
    Only use thumbs down for bad language or abusive remarks. Not just because you disagree with a remark.
    his remark was his, no thumping or any rule breaking, sad when so many are upset by his comment. "turn to christ and keep moving forward"

    The people who gave the TD's have been spoken to.
    C-man's comment was out of line for this question. He was preaching. akaQA needs no preachers directing people to Jesus. This is the year 2011 and unless a person is a toddler, I imagine everyone knows about Jesus by now. Religious comments such as "turn to Christ" belong in religious questions or on a Christian forum, something that akaQA is not. I feel I've covered this so that all can understand. This discussion is over.

    I was in New Orleans about ten years ago and was surprised to discover, not one but TWO F. W. Woolworth stores.

    One was primarally selling to blacks and carried mostly bulk items like Sam's Club.  

    Ii asked the lady were I would find hair spray.  She chuckled and said , Honny black folks don't need no hair spray, you must go down the street to the other Woolworth's, they will have hair spray.


    Wow how very strange!!!!

    Woolworths was/is a legend!!...Fond memories of pick n mix!:-)..It was awful when it closed here..people were really shocked and sad!:-¬


    Yeah millie - how good was that pick and mix when I was a kid - some time ago a.

    Yes and no....

    My mom worked at the cafe in Woolworth. I remember sitting at the counter while drinking a soda and watching her work.


    My sister worked there in the late 1940s it was her first job when she left school. I can just about remember her going off to work, I was just a tiddler then.

    As Pl & Terry have said we still have Woolworths supermarkets but...back in the day (1950s) We had the Woolworths 5 & Dime as you call them in Fortitude Valley right here in Brisbane.It was a wonderful shop for kids.Everything was cheap & you could spend hours there.Also it is my first memory of air conditioning.It was always so cool there,even to stand just outside the door & let the cool air waft over you.Thanks for the memories Clonge.Good stuff.

    I am sorry but i did not know the Woolworths but mabe you should turn to christ and just keep moving forward.


    what has christ got to do with the question that has been posted... most of us on this site do belive in God but dont want rammed down ones throat thank you

    You tell him, Mel.

    c-man...huh??? Do you even know what Woolworths is?

    Thanks Mel. Too much thumping going on again here. The complaints are coming in.

    What a moronic answer to a sensible question, moving forward my arse, you believe in something that has no evidence it exists except a heap of stories written generations after the fact.
    At least we can see Woolworths.

    bullitman thanks i just get a bit fed up when a good question comes up that I can answer belive me thats rare heeee xxxx

    Colleen thanks hun I just get fed up with it when you are enjoying answering a question and that happens as you know when we get a decent question on here we all love you quite rightly said too much thumping!!!! thanks Colleen :-) xxx


    Mel - you are so right again - I feel I am suffering from dementia here with this God thing - I am having to re-arrange the few brain thoughts I have here regarding this subject as it is so truly confusing - I am sure if there is a God he must be feeling the same - I am trying to find a justification for mankind worrying here. Just have to go now - oh and there is 60 minute programme on at 11.30pm "To Kill a Mockingbird at 50" seen this before but can never have too much, which is to look at how life has changed in Alabama since the book's publication in 1960 Boo. XO
    Headless Man

    OK who voted down on c-man just because he used the word Christ, thats not a bad word and did not deserve a down vote.

    Jesus and Christ will pop up in comments even on a nonreligious question, it's how we relate our destiny's to every event in our lives. I know it's difficult to understand. I think that when God is a part of your life, if you truly believe as a Christian, God is supposed to come first, above all other things.

    Randy - I do hope you did not think it was me with the down vote - I do not do this and as you say this is no way an offensive word just used in the wrong context. Just leave me with my confusion I think I understand enough but just searching myself a bit.

    Randy, Christians likes you just go around expecting everyone to respect the way you feel about your religion but you do not care about respecting the ones who do not follow it and do not care to hear about it EVERYWHERE on this forum? This is a problem.

    Thank you dopey good film how to kill a mocking bird! oxoxoxox

    Randy I know I was the one to post a comment but I certainly didnt do TD thanks

    Im,sure Christ ,would not have minded working on the pic,and Mix,he was no snob,

    I tried that but he said he had not heard of Woolworth,either,

    c-man - oh got the religious thing now - all seems a bit random to me and disconnected to the quesion but obviously not disconnected to your brain.

    I think he would have appoved of the pic,and mix,counter.

    I loved woolworths, I bought my first album from there :)


    They had thier own record label,called Embassy,

    I used to take my children shopping there and had lunch on the lunch counter. THose were the good old days and I miss them.

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