HOW DO YOU STOP?????

    Once I start answering questions and asking questions and cruising around the questions and answers here, I can't seem to stop myself.  Next thing I know, HOURS have passed.  It's 4:30 A.M. all of a sudden and I didn't stay up that late when I was young!  What's your trick for limiting the time you spend here, those of you with any kind of self-control!

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    try logging off for an hour,pick up a favourite book or mag cup of tea or coffee and chill out.

    Great question ... once I'm on, I have a hard time getting off.
    Headless Man

    Just put down the computer and walk

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    I really don't know! I'm addicted!

    I just do it when i dont have much going on.


    Generally, I don't have much going on that is a necessity....

    Press the brake pedal

    My internet got cut off for 2 weeks and now I'm having trouble getting back into akaQA........


    That makes sense. Now is the time to put some rules together, if you need them. My i-net was out for a couple of weeks, too. I THOUGHT I'd be able to control myself, but there are no checks and balances here. With my addictive personality, it's a wonder I don't have more destructive habits.!

    I smoke, too......

    ....I eat too much sometimes..... If the doctor hadn't told me it was a really bad idea for me to smoke, I'd be right there with you. :(

    Well, when you think of it, you/we could be addicted to something a lot worse ...

    I am not going to deprive myself something that i enjoy,i don't set limitations as to how long i will be on here.However i do have other priorities which is looking after my grandson, pets and house work, once that is in check  i like to devote my time to akaQA , if i am on here all night "so be it".I know when it is time to go to bed, it is when the screen goes blury.


    Well said!

    Piss Colleen off.. That did it for me...


    Oh no. Do you do that on purpose, just to get yourself off the computer? lol

    You haven't seen pi$$ed off yet. ;)

    Colleen can give you golden shower is a snap, so look out.

    Oh but Colleen, you have never seen a pissed off Sicilian-- I'll call your pissoff and raise you 4 piss offs!

    Set a timer and/or alarm clock.  When it goes off, force yourself to sign-off no matter what.  Decide in advance (when you decide for how long to set the clock) that you will abide by your time frame and DO NOT CHANGE.


    THANK YOU NENE43. That is definitely something I can do! Sometimes I've set timers to give myself just so much time to get a chore done; it always works! AND....if the clock is in a different room, I'll have to leave the computer to turn it off! AHA!

    I set unrealistic goals in my studio and work like a little nut!  This weekend... I was a nut.  Now I am totally exhausted and hopefully I don't get on a roll...

    I realise this is not exactly a plan but it's the only thing I've got!  Becoming far too exhausted to get on the computer is the only way but, now you see I am here ... compiling my list of things to do while typing away!


    fish girl, you work too hard

    I don't think I have any self control, I drive too fast, stay up too late, eat porridge for dinner, smoke drink, and if Im pushed can swear with the best, I think I may have an "addictive personality", but I guess that's just who I am and what Ive always done....and lovin it


    lambshank you're precious. The reason i say that is because, one is always precious when one can take a look at oneself & appreciate who they are anyway!

    My OL closes the lid on the lap time and sends me to bed.


    robergrist,I shut the door and send the om to bed in the other room

    That is so funny, rob, but I don't believe a word of it.

    I feel the same its the only site that makes the time go really quickly I always say I have 1/2 hour to kill and then I am on the site for 2 hours


    Oh yeah, me too!

    winfia I am glad that I am not the only one!!! heeeee how do we stop! akaQA anonumouse yea!!!! xxxx

    My computer tells me the time on the hour when i hear i'ts 11 o'clock (pm) i'ts time for bed. -- it is incredibly addictive.


    my goodness so regimental, wish I had some self control, or maybe just some sense!

    it's only because i have to be up at 5am.

    I usually don't get started til 11 PM. I'll have to adjust my online time.

    For me, I spend rainy days here, or when I have a break from the shop for a while. I do enjoy the diversity of the those on the site. Time here is secondary to what needs to be done. I have no problem logging off to honor my commitments. I hope you'll all be here when I do log back on.

    pull yourself together, woman


    ...........this is only the tip of the ice berg, beau man!

    their is no stopping it's like heroin to me i need a daily fix...

    I have too much going on to give myself enough time to enjoy the sight these days. Kids, work, house, my dad, new man. I miss being here as much but i still have the chance once in awhile through the day to touch down. have a great day PKB


    New man!??! Exciting :)

    Yes...this one is a keeper;)

    that leaves me out ............HAHA

    Read some Kierkegaard.



    How about James Patterson?

    James Patterson can be hard to stop!
    Did he write Cold Paradise?
    Woops! I was thinking of Stuart Woods.

    That'll drive you right back to the computer screen, figtree3!

    "" When I've had enough, I walk away...

    With the Karmas  growing ....that makes it hard to get off

    Well, I stayed off the site over the weekend, but even then I found myself mulling on a question or answer. Does this happen to any of you? Colleen has posted that this is not meant to be a discussion site, just a question and answer site. Well, perhaps that is what it was meant to be, but for the "regulars," it's more; case in point, the discussion and comments resulting from pinkyanne's question about her 13-year-old granddaughter and drinking. Good conversation is always remembered, so we come back for more, and more, and more! But to answer your question, I was thinking of Mon-Wed-Fri participation ... don't know if that would work for me, because I have not tried it. 


    That M-W-F business sounds doable! I agree with you about this being more than Q and A. If there is the opportunity to comment about a Q or A, that can lead to other comments.....that becomes a discussion. Happy Thanksgiving winfia!

    The one sure way of stopping for me is, When my eyes start closing.  Its now 3.12 am, my eyes are still open. just.


    Yes, and pretty soon it will be 4:30 happens to me, too.

    Bob/PKB i know exactly precisely what you mean.  hours can go by on this site for me too.  what i do sometimes is say i will only spend one hour or put some time limit on it.  what facinates me is  why do you not get tired of it and don't want to get off of it. i don't even like slot machnes this much. well maybe i do.


    Crazy how that works! This is more fun than a slot machine because it costs so much less and I generally get more out of HERE than THERE. I think I don't get tired because sometimes the questions are "intellectually" stimulating or a little challenging and I get involved in coming up with a good answer. I'm glad you are here!

    Just answer a few and BOLT like I do.

    I share your addiction.  My 1st night but can see a problem on the horizion.  This site has the potential to gain personal Info from me  to be shared with closest friends and maybe wife.  The appeal for me is that it provides a safe environment with intellectual, perceptive, intellegent cyber space friends that can share their views in a very secure way.  Hope to see and share a lot of stuff in the future.               


    Welcome sir. Hope to share lots of pictures with you...haa...ha.

    Mr Plant U earn a 4 Ha Ha!!!!

    Ms Plant ;)

    WELCOME and BEWARE! 4 hours can pass in the blink of an eye here. Have fun!

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