i saw a crazy guy at walmart he was eating chips at the store THAT'S STEALING!!!!!!

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    i like chips

    he took a bag of chips off the shelf ate them

    good question and good observation.

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    Do you like Tuna or sushi with your chips? 

    i like chips

    Oh that's so funny why did you ask???

    In Safeway I see people eating fruit a lot.  Maybe they missed dinner or maybe the guy just was beyond the beyond hungry.

    Yes it is stealing.

    how do you know he didn't pay for them or was planing to pay for them.

    i like chips

    he dropped the bag under a shelf

    As long as he takes the empty pack to the checkout & has it scanned there is no crime.

    i like chips

    he dropped the bag on the floor under a shelf

    Was it  YOU ??!!

    i like chips

    no i buy things

    Put him in jail. "Goodbye Mr. Chips!" Not too "Wise!" Maybe his father did the same thing...A "chip" off the old block? If it was breezy in the store, and the chips blew into the air and landed, could he have a "chip" on his shoulder?

    i like chips

    i don't have a phone BUT he got kicked out

    So, I like chips, you saying he got caught??
    i like chips

    ABOUT you
    i'm here to be funny INFO

    So, what is the  nature of your question?

    i like chips

    i'm not asking i'm telling what i saw!

    yes that`s stealing for he did not pay.


    no i buy them i go down the chip isle every time i go to the store


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