Recently read that Lemon juice is helpful preventing and dealing with cancer. Isn`t it good news if its true. anyway it is harmless!

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    Lemon juice makes a body alkaline and that is what you want.  Cancer likes an acidic ph.  So yes... it would help prevent cancer... kelp is better.


    Awesome information to share!

    great news if you sell lemons..

    If you are taking any medications  make sure the acid in the juice of any kind will not interact with the medicine

     yes it is good news and lemonaid is harmless.


    No, it's not harmless. If you tell someone who is looking for a miracle cure and they stop taking their medications they could die. So think before you speak or write.

    eggplant, there is no substitute for common sense. There is no miracle cure for anything otherwise the life cycle will never end.

    I believe its true. Large amount  of daily Vitamin C will also help to prevent and cure some cancers.

    I hadn't heard about lemons, but I do have a friend that swears apricot kernels cured his brain tumor, they contain arsenic, are illegal to purchase here but are available on the net


    lambshank yes I have heard of that too you can buy them on the net and they do have arsenic and apple pips have cyanide in them there you go oxoxox

    thanks Mel, I wasn't sure if he was just babbling,but guess he wasn't if other people have heard about them too xx

    Check your blood pressure meds and Atrial Fib meds. Read the warning included with your meds the next time you have them filled. Citric acid counter acts the medications. Besides burning a hole in your stomach I would want to see some hard evidence.

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