Sad and True... We have snow. Everybody weep!


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    Snow ball fights, build a Snow Woman, Snow Angels take advantage.......

    It's just too wet. Then it freezes. And now it's bloody cold!... can I say bloody?!

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    I like the snow as long as I am in doors in the warm. The weather people hear in the Uk said we would have snow by now, but its 13c today more like Sept than Nov. If you have it now in the USA we will probably get it in about a months time,thats what usually happens.



    I live in British Columbia, Canada on the coast or close to it. We really don't get much snow here and this seems a bit early. Hopefully it will be melted by this afternoon...It's raining as ususal now.

    My condolences. I hate s**t.


    snow isn't s**t.

    I perfer snow to rain, can we have snow ball game .

    I perfer snow to rain, can we have snow ball game .


    Snow mush game... Thermal Rubber Boots and neopreme snow suit!

    Little snow here last night also. Dang, I'm getting depressed already.


    I feel your pain. :(

    Its knowing,  you‘r not alone.

    Translation: We have snow too.

    Snow is a cool thing! I love snow!


    I live in the land of no snow... this is sad and true!

    snowkidding it' bound to happen sooner or later..


    I moved here from the land of the snow... I thought I left it behind but noooooo. Here it is and it's sloppy wet. Can't even go out and play.

    I think you're in for a whole lot more.


    I know honey.... I know.
    You are on the ball! :)

    when you say on the ball you mean "Snowball lol luck you its raining in Scotland

    It's super cold today... Ice age cold.

    NO!!!!!!!!!Hope it clears fast!Ihate snow,went straight on my backside in the damned stuff last year


    leosmanl, I don't need snow to fall, I fell into (yes into) the car tonight and really bruised my foot.

    well it was 40 celcius here today snow sounds good, 3.30 am and its still hot


    hope your foots better now

    I do as well because we are coming for a visit and staying until the snow goes away!

    Snow slated for tomorrow in South Dakota. I hate Winter weather. In the fall we always get ice with the first snow. Ice just scares me. I just bought a new car and I know some idiot will run into me. Maybe I will just stay home until April.


    Defensive driving isn't enough when an idiot in a stolen car is on an icy road... I have had that happen... frustrating and you have to pay the deductable.

    .... I like snow on postcards 

    ....le weep

    snow is only good for little kids and skiers.

    country bumpkin

    I am 50 so I am not a kid and I do not ski, but I love, love, love snow.

    leosmaml and fishgirl, thank you, foots a bit bruised, I'm just glad no one saw me, it wasn't terribly graceful,

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