How organized are you? On a scale of 1 to 10?

    If you rate 7 or above please tell me your secrets!

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    meant to answer this but got sidetracked, then forgot, then put it into my in-tray for 5 days, moved to desk to make sure I wouldn't forget.....Forgot..... Found reminder on floor, got distracted by moth flyinfg around, went to an appointment that I had previuosly missed, came back, ate tea, thought about doing over a beer, had another beer, woke up at desk surounded by empty beer bottles with reminder stuck to forehead, peeled it off, went to website, got distracted answering other questions, Now  I'Ve done it!!!!!!!! Sorry. What was the question again?


    That is a laugh! :D

    8. a place for everything and everything for its place.

    avoid procastination

    keep busy



    I agree with you completely but my number would have to be a 3. I can't remember where the place for everything was. I keep busy looking for things.

    because you did not follow the rule! The 1st thing should go back before 2nd is out. You only have 2 hands!

    Everything is in chaos these past few months.


    You'll get there'll see.

    I'm a daily list maker but there is always way more on that list than I could possibly do in a day.  Somehow, I don't mind that.  It seems to give me a sense of being important to myself, if you know what I mean.  "Wow", I say to myself while I read the list, "now there is one very busy person."     :)   lol


    I like that way of looking at the list. I am going to try that approach.
    Gigantic hug and you know the rest...

    If my Grandkids are coming over to help me out I make a list. They get to pick what they want to do and cross it of the list. They can get more done in two hours then I can in a week. Lists are good.

    sadie...what a great idea..good for YOU and for THEM.

    honestly i'll give it a five..

    About an 8 I would say.I never leave things 'til the last minute.I put things away when I am finished with them & I try not to leave my mess for someone else to clean up.


    All great information especially for the artist moi. My projects follow me around. I need to change this. :-)

    A lack of B vitamins produced disorder and confusion that has subsided now that I’m taking vitamins. So my organization  is coming together better now…I am up to 4 and rising.  


    Yes, I too see a big difference when I am not taking my B-12 DAILY, Vitamin D as, well. Both impact me mentally if I slack off taking them. Trial and error, I've found. :-}


    That is my rating these past few weeks. Sad and true.
    Headless Man

    The more unorganized I am the longer the day, at my age thats

    Randy in my head you are like 35. Seriously.
    Headless Man

    Born that no 35.

    :) ... Think young.
    Headless Man

    I find the young don't

    wow really. I'm not really organized either

    Probably a 5. I will take B-Viamins like Robert suggested and maybe I get up to a 6 soon..


    I am going to try that B vitamin thing as well!

    About 8. Pretty organized.

    What is this scale - varies but you really would not want to know these days. Highly organised at work when I was working, nowadays I cannot give a number here sadly.  


    It's all good.... seriously. I am juggling a lot of things at the moment and I was looking for some tips as I seem to be doing a bang up impersonation of a chicken with my head cut off.

    fish girl I was only joking about the scale thing but my life at the moment is so topsy turvy don't know where to start top or bottom - I would probably have tips for you if I knew - I am good at helping others but when it comes to me well just what would you so hopeless. thanksxx

    I am going to impliment a new system tomorrow.... wish me luck.

    Thanks everyone for great and inspirational ideas as well as ........ I am not the only one out there who struggles.

    I am taking a B-Vitamin complex starting today!

    8  which why I have OCD I make a list everyday which is silly as its always the same but makes me feel good when i do a list I call it My Things To Do LIst and it works I travel round the house and tick of as I go and I feel I have acheived something and If I am working then most of it will get done before I go to bed I even set my clothes out for the next day some one said I was sad!!! I DONT think so it make me happy the only room thats a junk room is our study books galore computors and of course my industrial sewing machine which I cant seem to part with YET! I will make attempt on going through this room before the end of the year I need to be ruthless help I need help xxx

    depends.On a good day I can multi task on a Off day They are compartmentalizing me in bed.

    I am completely organized in my mind.  Execution is a whole other story.  On a 1-10, probably a 3.5 (really being organized means, to me, there are results;  procrastination is a killer).

    Organizing takes prioritizing, calendaring, budgeting allotted time; a place for everything and everything in its place.  A checklist always helps me (it sometimes takes over a year to get some of the stuff done, but at least it is a constant reminder).

    It's important to be realistic.....little goes as well a expected.  Be flexible! Learn to reorganize on the go.  


    You are back! I am so happy!

    I think I missed you most of all! How are you and congratulations on surpassing the 100000 mark. COOLEST OF THE COOLEST BEANS!

    9.5. The nature of what I do requires it. My equipment and tooling is probably valued at 200K. I have to keep this stuff running and organized. That same mindset is carried over to other facets in my life.


    Yet, organizational skills have to come naturally to some degree......?

    Cant even spell it ,let alone be it!!!jokin apart,im probably better at organising other people than i am myself,its the control freak in me!!!!!!!!!!!


    I'm a 7, I can find anything in which ever pile I placed it in.........


    Ha ha ha and Francine as well! :( Oh, I am so sorry!
    Big hugs xoxo

    Well for me it seem like +5 or better, quess when your retire there not much to do? BTW [ fish girl] why would you need vitamins B.... I take you are a fish have plenty of vitamins A B C D .ext.


    Ha ha ha! Funny is just hilarious.
    Organization is a dream... so are closets... Oh that would be sooooo nice!

    At work around 8 at home after tired stressful day at work 2......there has got to be a change in here for me somewhere.


    I hear you. Sigh.

    if they give you energy, i need a truck load. my energy is at 0


    Rooibos tea. It is naturally caffeine free but it brings me up. It is also jammed packed with antioxidants. I buy a vanilla rooibos... it tastes like desert!

    B vitamines are essential to personal energy.

    I'm not really organized, I think I'll be 5 on a scale of 10.

    10 no 6 or perhaps 7.


    Ten is the dream. Six is the reality and Seven is the goal.

    I am a  9  with my very personal effects;  debit card, insurance cards, drivers license always back in the same place.   Actually my entire purse is a well-oiled machine, everything in its place and a place for everything. Same goes for hygiene products, cosmetics and personal clothing. Elsewhere in my house, car, locker at work is about a 5. I really know where most everything is, it's just not so "neat". Gosh, I just realized, what does that say??

    I'm a "1". I am totally disorganized. I have a 4 bedroom house and every paper has junk, I have several legal matters pending in which  I'm representing myself, which adds to the mess and I'm a hoarder. I seriously think I have Attention Deficit Disorder. Anyone out there have it?


    I understand your pain. My husband is a "plonker" and won't admit it. He leaves piles of papers here there and everywhere. I have now taken to putting these piles of papers in cookie tins. The stack of cookie tins is growing. I am waiting for the day he asks, "What's in the tins?".

    ADD ….Youth was a real stunner (PTSD) and time heals very slowly. I now organize stuff into washing machine size boxes. Fortunately I have a double garage to sort things out and I can actually walk through isles rather than crawl over heaps of things. As a result of boosting my B-vitamines I am getting a lot more done and my organization is getting better too. ADD is like being lost in thought along the paths of mind that ramble and connect to other trails. It is easy to be lost in thought continually and rest in wakeful dreams that have nothing to do with reality. 

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