what other fish can live with a japanese fighting fish

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    Siamese fighting fish... Are you talking about a bowl or a tank?


    No answer back. If you are keeping the Siamese fighting fish in a bowl leave it that way. It isn't a fair way for other fish to live and Siamese fighting fish can be nasty.
    If you want to keep your fish in an aquarium you can keep it with 2 female Siamese fighting fish... Why 2? Because the male can be very hard on the females.
    There are fish you can't put Siamese fighting fish with as they have long fins and more agressive fish will nip at the fins.
    It's not good to keep them with fish like Neons as Siamese fighting fish can be very agressive towards a placid fish like this and they do come from different bodies of water which is also an issue.
    I have had great luck with fish such as smaller Danios, live bearers such as Mollies and Swords... definitely stay away from Guppies... Siamese fighting fish are far too agressive for Guppies.
    Small cat fish in the Corydora family are great. Dwarf plecostemus and stay away from algae eaters.. They like the Siamese fighting fish fins.
    Angel fish are a no no. I have actually had luck with dwarf Gouramis.
    Make sure there are lots of hiding places for all fish and if you can, plants. Siamese fighting fish do best when they have a safe place to hang out.

    Beautiful. ... Siamese Fighting Fish :) ... They come in many colours.

    The Chinese bad ass.

    Not sure so im not a lot of help,sorry.But if theyre anything like Siamese fighting fish theyll be ok with anything other than males of their own sort.If in doubt go to a good aquarist shop for advice(if nothing else youll love looking at the fish in stock!!)Dont end up like us,few years ago my son bought a small catfish,he was just big enough to sit on your hand.Lovely looking fish.He went in our community tank and promptly ate the original occupants!So and so fish!!!Since then ,hes outgrown 4 tanks,and is about 17"long.Id hate to be without him now but hes given me some headaches!!!!!Good luck with yours

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