Most responses prefer health over money. So, after providing for the family, what do you do with excess money?

    i should have said,' what would YOUdo with excess money'. sorry

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    My OL handles all of our money by her choice and my agreement. My money handling skill has been repeatedly demonstrated as below par. I earn money well, but handling stacks of cash sensibly is a not my strong suite. 

    ed shank

    You gotta love your honesty,

    you can still do. looks like you have more $ than you need. take a look at what you can do even in a small way, your money manager can`t say no. And u can`t take that $ portfolio with you either.!

    Trusting and loving your partner as an equal in many ways, a better in different ways and respecting the facts, uplifts both of us above what either of us could do alone.

    Donations to: Cancer research     Guide dogs for the blind    Heart foundation    Rural bushfire brigade

    Childrens hospital and on and on

    I don't think you have excess money. If you provided for the family this month, what about next month. You have to keep providing. House expenses increase. Kids keep growing, and eating more. You have to spend money while also providing for the family. Donating to charities, buying yourself an want (within reason), etc. But you can't spend or give more than you have. You also can't put your life on hold waiting for when the kids grow up, then you will do some of the things you want to do. You might not live to do it.


    I dont`t think you have excess money. I did not mean day to day provision for family because that would not be right. Think it this way - if u had a million $, did not have to worry about kids education or your normal personal wants, you could do something for others because you may not be able to spend that million in your lifetime. This is just an example. However from modest means giving to charities etc in a small way, is possible. Never borrow to give just because your friends or family are doing. That would be unfair to your own family and yourself. Doing charity work is also giving.

    Well in that case, I would sponsor deserving kids college education. I hear those student loans is a killer.

    Local youth foundations, Children's hospital,  Local hospice, Veterans association. Burn units of BC, Spca and all of the cat and dog shelters (of which there are many).... Art scholarships at Emily Carr, the Banff School of Fine arts and the U of A..... My list is long.

    Why not take them om a  trip just to see how the other half lives and see what you can do to make life easier..


    sorry i may have misled you but pse see my edited question.thx

    opens up a whole new door ..excess money..

    Peta/WWF/Sea Shepard//catsprotection/Dogs Trust/greenplanet/WSPA

    Bank it, till I see a toy I want. My wife contributes to certain organizations.


    so you want the bank to enjoy your$. Think of the question again because a lot of $ in the bank does not come with you.!

    i sponsor a dog in long term care if thats any help

    If you have excess money and you don't know what to do with it,give to any charity that supports animal welfare.Humans have the ability to survive in times of need,but the poor old domesticated unwanted/abused animals need us to provide for them.

    help others, go to las vegas.

    I don't mean to appear ignorant, but what on earth is "excess money"?  
    (Just kidding).  P.T. at the gym (my biggest splurge, but for a really good cause-ME).   

    I would set up free spaying and neutering clininics for dogs and cats and support animal organizations! Food banks and homeless organizations.


    Excellent idea!!

    I would set up new group homes for the developmentally disabled, then go on one big holiday to Alaska.

    Excess money...that doesn't come along often! I think the most sensible thing to do, would be to save a majority of it for providing for your family in the future. To have a healthy bank roll set aside for emergencies or hard times, is simply looking out for yor family. Charity begins at home, once that is accomplished, only then can we in good conscience broaden the borders of our generosity.

    After providing for the family needs there is no excess money only excessive debt

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