You know it's a bad day when?

    Being remembrance day I took the day off of work and spent the day out . When I came home I  noticed a strange car out front of my house.Not thinking much of it, I came in through the garage and found the door from the house to the garage door open and all the cold air coming into the house. Instantly I went into a rage of repeated frustration towards my teen boys. Dropping the "F" bomb in my rantings over heating the outdoors with a bellowing voice, I charged through the door to find a client sitting in my chair in the dark. I nearly fell over backwards. With every word I had yelled echoing through my mind, I knew she was feeling just as awkward as I was. OMG....tell me, have you had a moment today you wish you could erase?

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    ed shank

    We've all had a "Kodak moment", don't sweat it. Your client will think twice before finding anything not to her liking with her hair. It's a good thing actually.

    lol...hope your right ed, I rely on my business.

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    Men in black suits driving black suburbans are waiting in your drive way..


    lmao...I wouldn't doubt it. My client almost ran out the door. I am sooo embarrassed.

    I think I'd drive past my house

    That was my ride to work each day.

    @robertgrist certainly beats a one way trip..

    It must be a rememberance day thing.I told my son in law off 'Big Time' all over him using my tools & not putting them back where they belong. I make my living with my tools & always have so I look after them. He bloody doesn't!!!  He took it well tho & apologised for his mis-treatment of said tools & defused a potential situation. He is obviously cooler in the head than me.


    Well at least it was something he did. My client truly figured she was in for a hair cut, not an introduction to her idiot Thanks for sharing
    ed shank

    I'm totally with you on the tool issue. If not returned as promised from now on they will get an earful with many "F" bombs. I'm fed up with this s**t.

    I had that problem and could not remember where I put things for years. The problem was the result of mercury and lead poisoning which has taken a long time to clear up.
    ... your hair gets caught in the vacuum hose at the car wash.

    Oh no, that doesn't sound good. I got a clients hair stuck in the blow dryer not once but twice and had a line up waiting for their turn. Talk about embarrassing.

    You can only find two shoes, you are in a hurry, and they dont match


    wouldn't bother my son in law.He'd put 'em on anyhow.

    As long as they are for each foot, off I'd go;)

    It was snowing and the temp was just above zero. I slipped on my boots while dressed in PJs and went to the mail box to get the mail. There was a little break in the snow fall so I stood at the mailbox while looking over the mail. A snow plow was coming up the street so I was about to hurry back to the house but my boots were solidly frozen in place and I couldn’t get either boot out. So I ran back to the house barefooted and put socks on and an old pair of rubber boots. Then went back to the mail box to get my boots but the snow plow had eaten them.   


    It’s a bad day when a snowplow eats your boots,

    lol...thats something I've never heard of happening ...too funny

    When you wake up and it's already past time for you to BE at work,............again.

    When you wake up in the morning and notice that after you brushed your teeth before going to bed that you forgot to turn off the water in the sink, the dog has an upset stomach, and you find several emails from your mother (who is suffering from dementia), telling you what a horrible person you are.


    Ignore all of it and go back to bed! lol

    ....when the shelves are empty at the local store 


    Just be patient. You don't really need to eat EVERY day, do you? :)

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