how can you take an idea and get it made for free and pull in roylties

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    @fish girl is right, you've gotta spend money to make money...Get a part time job and tuck those checks away for your idea..........

    This would be close to impossible... on some level you would have to pay for labour or costs and fees no matter how genius like you may be.

    Look into government grants.


    Very good idea,but i have tried gov grants it just seems like every site i go to to fill out the information the site ends up wanting money or to finish some incentives from partner sites. Am i at the right sites?

    Nothing comes without a price these days. If you are a student sometimes you can get grants depending on where you apply and how.

    Ya thats my motto " it takes money to make money" however my body is in such bad shape I cant work and the UI and SSI is taking too long. thats why I am exploring all the "easy paths" of revenue, hoping to get an inch. there was a saying i used to say which was "Life is an adventure no matter the hardships just remember that around the next corner could be the hope you have been looking for!"

    I think the hardships are killers!


    They are but that is how we learn.
    I have had to start over. It's not easy. I am definitely learning a lot.

    You have to find someone, or many ones, who believe in your idea. They will "buy" a portion of your "company" and invest. A relative of mine did just that - with no money he became a multi-millionaire. True story.

    I appreciate you communicating with me thank you! You are helping an exhausted mind further the exploration of avenues that i can try. again thank you

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