between good health and a lot of money what would u choose?

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    health is wealth

    Good Health, moneys not alot of good without your health.

    Good health... you can make wealth if you have good health.  Wealth also comes in different shapes and sizes.


    So true fish girl who wants to be measured in wealth and social status.

    Health All Day Long

    you have nothing without health.  look at steve jobs.

    Hands down......good cannot buy that!

    Lots of money....just kidding, Good health is something money can never buy..


    Don't even have to think about it. Good health! Who wants to be wealthy but in bad health, rather than healthy and given the chance to make your own wealth.

    While it would be nice to have no financial concerns, it's far more important to me to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.  MY VOTE IS FOR  GOOD HEALTH!

    Wealth can not buy "health give me health anyday.

    Hands down mizzare HEALTH.

    Money does not buy happiness it just lets you choose you misery if you do not have good health.


    That's not true, money buys all the comforts if you are sick. You can afford to get someone to look after you. Do the housework, shopping and whatever else you need

    Not up for question. I have been blessed with the most wonderful life, thanks be to God, but the last six years have been far from good.  HEALTH - money cannot buy this.  

    ""I'm greedy, I want both.


    eggplant you are hilarious.

    can't have both in this question but even if you has the money, the machine is OUT OF ORDER!

    Good Health!  I have not been well for 5 years....and all the money in the world won't give me a day to really enjoy doing the things I love to do.



    Hope you get better soon, doo .

    I won some money on the lottery at the weekend,gave half to my son,the other half went in the"saving for vets bills "account ,it was nice having it in my purse for half an hour before it got  redistributed                                                                                                                                                                                         .Im never going to be rich while ive got an offspring and a dog!!!!!!


    does your son badly needs money,then fine - nay great!. But to give a lot of $ you could be doing a disservice to him and his family.

    as one that has won the WAR of ill health4many carnt save your matter wither your the richest person on this dying planet.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmHEALTH

    Has to be health, can't enjoy money if your ill or dead

    good health.......hands down. because if you didn't have good health, you couldn't enjoy your money anyway

    it seemed like a good idea at the time!!Certainly the dogs now got more money than me!!Hes a GSD and i worry that in later years he might develop hip dysplasia,hence the reason i squirrel money away for him


    Ionce read an article and it said hip replacement for a GSD is about £6k If ,Heaven forbid he ever needs his doing i want to know the moneys there for him

    What's a GSD ?.....a Golden Sucker Doodle ?

    If I had enough money I could take care of the health. I like money more. thats why Im striving to uh challenge something. I believe in corporate existentialistic govenorship. Im non totalitarian, Imdefinatly thinking I want to swing to the side of utilitarian greenparty geanome life. we oops I like alot of things as long as they are good. I believe in what is real. I know nothing else at this point.

    good health for sure , I will never be rich. Even if rich,health is so important. You would always be chasing for a cure.

    Mycatsmom,GSD is German Shepherd Dog aka Alsatian.And no ,Im not joking ,if his general health is good if and when he needs hip replacement ,i will have it done for him.As it is ,before he was a year old he needed surgery .I could have bought 2 GSDs for what that cost me!!!!!I think a heck of a lot of my dog.....Mind you,i have told him hes an expensive liability before today!!!!!!!!

    Money to maintain good health because everything is health insurance these days and the private  hospitals cost the earth :).


    And the private hospitals are just as rubbish here - most Doctors work in the National Health Service anyway. Once at a private hospital myself - consultant said my care was appalling and it was - she worked at an National Health Service but she was one of the good guys. I knew an old lady once who had a hip operation one of the most successful operations - but it went wrong went to private hospital and said when I was in the National Health Hospital I did not see the consultant everyday - I said no it is because you are here in a private hospital and PAYING. I presume though you are talking United States - I imagine their fees are higher. Thing here though you can choose your consultant/specialist. I do not believe in private medicine just did this because it was urgent. Here never go the private sector if you are seriously ill - all this private room stuff - OK for face lifts and minor stuff - but if you are really ill - you cannot ring the bell for help especially if you have a heart attack - seen this - better to be on a general ward where the people around can say she ain't well nurse and get help fast - although they do not move so fast these days. Others help.

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