does money give you 'happiness' or is 'happiness' within you?

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    Money does not buy happiness.  Happiness is a feeling from within.


    No, money brings misery and crime. The lack of money is the root of all evil...thus spake eggie.

    Eggie I have been poo-pooed for saying that... "money is the root of all evil". It is "The love of money is the root of all evil."

    I have been told that you find very happy people in the poorest of places and the most discontented in the richest of places.


    have seen that in India and elsewhere.
    ed shank

    When the only thing you know is poverty you can't relate to wealth and "Knowing there will be" a next meal.

    true enough but in contrast,knowing you can't keep up with the Jonses and your in debt trying is a state that many people this day and age find themselves in.

    You wake up every morning and choose to be happy. Wealth has very little to do with it. I have been poor and I have been rich. Now I am just making it.  I really believe that you choose your own mood for every day. I do know that if I am happy the people around me are in a better mood which helps me stay happy. It isn;t always easy but I would rather have happy lines then frown lines when I am older and wrinklyer.


    yep, this refers to the "fish principle" I believe originated in N.Y fishmarkets and is commonly used in business as a teaching tool, a very good one,"choose your attitude, choose your day"

    I know that having some money in your pocket,makes you that little bit more happier.

    Having food /roof over your head "health that is all the happiness you need .see people who are ill cancer ect.Be content with what you have.

    I have been on both sides of the rich/poor issue...not super rich (comfortable) and not super poor (surviving with no extras),  I can tell you that money may not buy happiness, but it surely can relieve a lot of stress.  When you have to skrimp and save to buy basic necessities, it's a tense situation, that's for sure!  If you can casually charge something, knowing that as soon as you get the credit card bill, that bill will be reduced to zero immediately, you don't need to worry. If you don't know how you will pay that large heat/air bill coming due tomorrow,  that's quite another story, isn't it?  I guess, I would just rather be rich....SO SEND ME SOME MONEY!!!    LOL

    I think if you have your health and food in the cuboard you should be OK I do blame the media on this TV Adds spend spend and spend and borrow more money and more money I remembered that My my mom and dad had a sofa for 20yrs this un heard of  now

    There is an old saying isn't there, money can't by happiness but it can take away alot of misery. I think I was happier when I was earning enough money to live on, unlike now when it is a constant struggle.

    I agree that happiness is intrinsic, but I don't think you can be entirely happy when you are constantly worried about paying bills, I know I'd like to try being rich, Im sure Id be a lot happier if I didn't have to worry about the amount of money it costs just to live, wouldn't it be good to have enough to help those without enough, those that go hungry, children that go to bed hungry, people that can't afford life saving medical treatment, and so it goes on, yes I am happy but feel helpless to help anyone else in any truly meaningful way, and this makes me sad. I give my time but unfortunately the need to work limits this.


    When my husband and I were "rich" We were both working at least two job and had little sidelines besides. This was in the eighties.I know I would sometimes go a month before I had a day off just to clean house. Being poor is awful also Paying your bills and finding yourself with &20.00 to last the monthw as indeed worrisome. Now I have enough so that I can write a check for food without worring about it bouncing. Enough is the best. Have faith the economy will turn around, I just believe it will.

    I am in the latter but, I'd like to try the former for a little while....Just to test it out...........LOL

    Either or both.

    Yes to both, unequivocally.

    money doesnt buy happiness but at least it offers some degree of security.Im not wealthy by a long shot but im glad i had enough money in the bank to live on for  a while so  i to i could  pack in a job i was starting to hate .If i hadnt resigned id have ended up going off sick with stress

    ....fortunately, I am happy from within and enjoy the investments 

    Money dosen't bring you happines, it doesn't even bring you joy. At first you think that it does but later you'll find out that it doesn't. Money destroys lives and families. Don't base everything on money, there is more important stuff like love and relatives!


    The lack of money is the root of all evil. Think about it. What you say is a load of rubbish. Money is good you can do many things with money. You can help the poor and you can help yourself. It's only some uneducated person who wins the lottery and doesn't know how to handle money. Eventually, it will destroy them and their families.

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