Where is Colleen havent seen her for days is she snowed in !!!!

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    Mel, 820 000 people lost power in Connecticut, where Colleen lives. There are also many trees down. Connecticut is one of many states that has been declared an emergency.Hopefully she has a warm place to stay with her animals. It could take days to get power in that state.

    Ann yes I found out on another feed I do hope shae is ok and I hope her dogs are all ok and they keep her warm it is auwful when you dont have power we live in a village and in the winer the power is always going off thanks Ann for letting me know xxxx

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    Her area was hit hard by the snow storm and most are without power. It probably will be days or possibly a couple weeks before it is restored. I'm sure she is without internet service also.


    Flip I thought that because she posted a question about the weather last friday! thanks for that info poor Colleen and her dogs I hope she has a wood burner! xxx

    Colleen is a smart cookie, she is a prepper. She must be warm and cosy.

    May be she is catching up on sleep, whilst on this site she doesn't get much.


    Major snow storm in her power.

    Ducka, is the U.S.experiencing really bad weather.

    bulletman well if she is snowed in then she will catch up her sleep thanks xxx

    ducka yes there are having really bad weather they are also predicting bad winter in the UK! as well thanks xxx

    everything will be ok :)


    thank you harry xx

    i agree with flip .. her part of the country got hit pretty damm hard with that bizare snowstorm , hopefully she be back with full entheusiasm anytime soon.we miss you colleen !!


    thanks daren i saw it on ccn it looked pretty bad! xxx

    It is very odd without Colleen.  Let's hope things are back to normal asap.


    I think Mel said she has birds. I hope they are all right. Dogs have fur. Most of the birds we keep as pets come from warm climates.

    fish girl I think she has birds and dogs yea hope she is back soon its wierd when Colleen not hear xxx

    Keep warm Colleen and you pets we are still warm but light rain  ,but still waiting on the bad weather to come take care see you soon all the best.


    thanks dowsa! xxxx

    BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....I am feeling for ya Colleen. We get fluke snow storms here as well and have gotten up in the morning to see 2-4 feet overnight. I really hate the snow, it's wet here, heavy and a pain in the back to shovel.


    mom, what state do you live in? or what province ?

    Thanks mom xxxx

    I live in British Columbia Canada.

    Many two-dog nights ahead it sounds like. Thinking warm thoughts for you and yours, Colleen.


    She's got her dogs to keep her warm. In Australia, the aborigines used to sleep in humpies and their dogs (dingoes) were their blankets. They must have scratched all night long.

    thanks winfia her dogs will keep her warm xx

    We have certainly missed her tonight,2 newbies joined and posted degrading questions and comments to Country bumpkin and SunnyB.Hope all is well for Colleen.


    Cb thats auwful I havent seen them but probley will come across them as you say she would been on them like a hot bun! xxx

    she is warmly hibernating. she is accessing the site! Take care Coleen.


    sawal thanks xxx

    LOL, warm.....nope, cool to cold. Warmth came when I'd get in the bronco and just drive around for lack of something better to do ;)

    So this is where the party was lol. Yes, my dogs helped to keep me warm. I have a waterbed so when the power went out, so did the heater for the bed. A few quilts on the mattress and my little dogs and we stayed warm enough.  The room was cold however and I kept waking every few hours. The birds were good as I had a small propane heater in their room. They only had to go a couple of hours with no heat when I'd sleep then I'd get up, run their heater till the room warned up again and then I'd shut the heater off and try to get a couple more hours of sleep. This would only be at night time when I couldn't watch for a fire, I do not trust open flame propane or gas heaters. Daytime was OK as the temps outside would get into the high 50's or  60's and that would help take some of the chill out of the house.  Boredom was the worse part of it I think, that and not knowing when the power would come back on. It was tough waking up hoping the electricity was back on only to find that it was not. A week is a long time to wait but it could have been worse, it could have been 2 weeks. So anyway, we are all safe and sound with little damage to the house. We were lucky. :)

    Thank you so much to everyone here who thought about us and send good wishes. The wishes did help. 


    Collen thank god you are ok and your babys yes I do know what you mean about propane it can be leathal and the open fire you will have to get a fire gard just it happens again then you can all cuddle up in the sitting room and sleep on the sofa and all keep warm lets hope it doesnt happen again what a exsperiance!!! glad your back love ya xxxx

    A house blew up 2 nights ago in CT because they were using a propane heater.

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