I have no kitchen at the moment, what can I cook in an electric frypan

    I am having my kitchen renovated and have to wait 2 weeks for it to be finished, also the house is being painted so most rooms are unusable, Im left with the frypan, any ideas would be truly appreciated

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    All, I can't choose a best answer as they are all so good, thanks to all your responces were very much appreciated


    your so lucky,I was thinking about the bathroom next, I only have one so after the kitchen I'm hesitant

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    You can cook a roast dinner in an electric fry pan,as long as you have the lid.Leg of lamb,or a chook and put pumpkin,potato,carrot,onion and cook them altogether.Then you can make a gravy in the pan also.


    My mom cooked all of the above in her electric fry pan, and more!MMMmmmmm was it all good ! All the meat was tender and tastie. RIP, Mom .

    Lambshank I am a Interior Designer and this happens all the time to my cliants so I normally supply them with a slow cooker and every one has a electric kettle the other thing is I do lend out a two burner gas stove they are normaly used for camping and they will fry anything or boil and you ahve a electric frying pan which is good go to a camping supplyiers and they will kit you out also you could use a barbie as well hope this has helped a little


    I wish the kitchen company I used thought like you, I was led to believe it would be completed in 1 day, only to be informed the benchtops I ordered were a special type and take 2 weeks to be cut, as well as the splashbacks, ordered the kitchen 9 months ago and thought they could have got it together...some drawbacks living in a country area !

    lambshank this is outragouse this should have been start to finnish in one week and if it went over the company should pay for you meals at night! thats what we do! are you haveing granite worktops if so that would take a week and you cant measure until the carcasis are in! xxx

    Oh my dear sweet, lovely, wonderful mel...I need help with my house!!!! i would love to burn it down and start over ...but I think that is illegal..LOL
    I wish you could come help me out!!!! You sound so conciderate...Crock pot Queen.

    Jenn you seetheart Get my email of Colleen would love to help you just send me the colours would like the room to look like and you hate and the coluors you love what you use the room for no charge! as yr my mate! just me know wether you like contempary/cosy/country living luv ya melxxx

    AND how come you only have a frypan? Is the bar-be-que busted?


    needs gas, I should get some

    but it's an electric fry pan.

    As already said - you can cook almost anything - takes a bit more effort.


    especially when it has to sit on the floor,I did manage chicken in wine last night,have leftovers and no fridge at the moment,wonder how people managed before all the mod cons

    lambshank - you should have been around in my day - especially Mum's - too much hard work as you say no mod cons. You have done a lot of hard work anyway and still do I am sure - don't need more.

    My mom made the best fried chicken with her elec. fry pan. If you have a lid, you can cook just about anything. Bacon and eggs are always good.....


    I love bacon and onion sandwiches with BBQ sauce, think I could eat them every day

    Great, I have a large macaroni salad in the fridge but now I'm gonna have to fry bacon instead....!

    mine did too. And I have used it alot for bacon adn eggs too. My step-daughter got my mom's old elec fry pan and loved it. She liked to make pancakes when her kids were little
    Did you notice it's hard to find a new elec fry pan in the store ? When you finally find one, it's way too big.

    I haven't hunted for one. I have my mom's old cast iron skillet.....

    Just abput everything came out of the frying pan when I grew up., bacon and eggs , grilled cheese, pan fry with a little margarine and spices just about anything and you can smother it if you have a lid.

    Lamb shanks of course.Don't ask me for the recipe but my wife does it all the time.


    WELL...wouldn't you think I'd have thought of that, (only a government worker, what can you expect!)but what about the other 13 days? even I can eat only so many hamburgers,no take away food shops here either UGH

    and lamb chops and pork and veal chops

    I'm sorry .... You can't survive without a microwave.


    You are right, both of our's went "on button up" and it is difficult to even shop without buying for a microwave. Have to do everything the old fashioned way, stove top...

    Certainly makes life easier.

    I agree, my new one is in a box waiting to be built in

    I use that too, all the time. Maybe that's what gave me cancer. I'm ok for now, they tell me.

    You can make almost anything you want in an electric fry pan. Goulash, chili. tacos, any casserole you make in the oven (it won't get crisp on top, but it tastes the same), any kind of roast or corned beef,you can bake biscuts, or cake. I cooked with an electric fry pan and an old electric perculator (coffe pot), for six months. You will get very creative.


    I can't even cook a decent cake in a regular oven, but have set up a little "coffee" corner in my bedroom, love it so much I'll be sorry to see it go, just get up make a cuppa and jump back into bed to watch the news.

    You can make a mean pineapple upside down cake in the elec. skillet....


    I can't make a pineapple upside down cake in love it though

    How about steak sandwiches tonight with lots of onions & BBQ sauce? We have that about once a week & I love it.

    Buon appitito!

    Dopey, I can't imagine how they did it, but I remember  my nan with an old coal combustion stove, cooked everything and made the best cakes and scones, I don't do them well even out of a packet!! I think Im a bit overwhelmed with all the mess, tarps everywhere, boxes of stuff in the loungeroom and I can't even find the cutlery, I should have taken leave from work and been a bit more organised.

    You can make almost anything you want in an electric fry pan. Goulash, chili. tacos, any casserole you make in the oven (it won't get crisp on top, but it tastes the same), any kind of roast or corned beef,you can bake biscuts, or cake. I cooked with an electric fry pan and an old electric perculator (coffe pot), for six months. You will get very creative.

    My late  mother used to cook often in the electric fry pan . I have also. One thing that was ssoo yummy that she made in it was pork chops. She browned them up ,then put flour on them, then added a little water, then put whatever else you like in there with the chops---like onions, potatoes, a little garlic, whatever. Then , you cook it on med low, or low , for an hour or so. They come out so juciy and tender. I'm salivatiing right now. You can do the same thing with lamb chops or veal, altho, i"m against the killing of baby animals. . . . .They're already dead and somebody's got to eat them,, so It might as well be me.


    sounds good, will try it

    LOL.. reminded me of when my daughter flooed out house.. We all had to live in my bedroom for 5 months.. No kitchen or living space... We used the grill, and the microwave alot.


    that must have been really hard, Im just sick of the mess,hubby misses out on the cooking as I work a lot of late shifts and eat there.

    It was a head ache but lots of fun.. It was like an extended camping trip.

    Benthere still liking breakfast a lot, the benchtops have to be replaced from interstate and the sink was mis-measured...ready to tear my hair out , had to cancel the plumber, sparky etc until this is done so Im still cooking sitting on the loungeroom floor,.....and lovin it!!

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