Halloween, is satan coming to get you?

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    Nope, loaded for bear here.

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    just fight him off !!!!

    Halloween is just a yearly celebration for mainly kids. It's is no longer a day for worship of anything.....

    Some people will tell you he's already had me for years,but it's lies,all lies I tell ya! hahahaha!


    I saw on a site that the Christian Fundamentalists hate halloween.

    Yeah well everybody's got their own hangup to deal with.

    I saw quite a few Satans but they were all laughing.  Happy Halloween Boxing Day!

    ""Hi there!

    Could be worse .The mother-in-law flying by on her "broomstick smiling at me!!

    Nearly every person I've met is Satan... I am ashamed to be considered part of the so called Human Race.  Walk out of church  and sell a POS used car to a friend and tell him its perfect. Knowing full well it overheats,has engine rattles and never starts in cold weather. I've seen things like this from too many humans to believe people are generally good. I have more respect for Satan- he is who he is. Humans are self serving greedy liars. May not be palatable to very many of you & you know why.         At Least if I make a deal with Satan I'm much more likely to get what I bargained for.


    "Humans are self serving greedy liars."
    Thank you. I appreciate that comment.

    You are all silly, prejudice, spiritual children. Satan is a friend of humanity and he is a compassionate and loving Son of God. Those unforgiven absurd considerations obscures your awareness of my friend. I feel sorry for your choice to think of him so wrongly.


    You are correct. The negative power is just doing a job asked of him by God. The power they call Satan loves God and is a co-worker with God helping to teach us all the lessons God wants us to learn and know.

    Halloween does not have the same meaning it had years ago when it was all ghosts and witches and vampires. Now kids dress like Pricesses and Fairys and spidyman. It's a day for good clean wholesome fun. Dressing up, going out after dark begging candy from the neighbors. If there is anything Satanic about it it's because some adults won't drop it and relax and have fun.

    Although most people who are religious find Halloween inapropriate and will not allow their children to participate in this holiday. Here, where I live, it's called " Nevada Day ",  the same day to mark the year we were accepted as a State.

    I think that people who hold kids back on this holiday and it's intention for collecting candy and dressing up like a Goblin, carry their religious beliefs to cover up their own convictions on this. It is the same thing they do about Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.

    When we take away the imagination of our children and constantly drill in the Heaven and Hell theory, we are making a big mistake. Children should go to Sunday School and learn of Biblical History there, and what is right and wrong.

    Children at a young age should not be scared into religion as to whether or not they may go to Hell at any moment if they have any wrong doing. This is simply not right and they should lead a childs life until they are of age. When they become of age ... then let them decide on their own.


    Include Harry Potter in their hangups. The religious wing nuts are afraid of Harry Potter too. I can't imagine following a faith that offers nothing but fear of so many things. The homosexuals have left the closets and the Christian fundamentalists have move into them to hide from the boogie man. <tolling eyes>

    Yes Satan can get u ! It is a way like spiritism, to bring u under his power.


    Hah, haaaa, haa. Don't be so superstitious.

    only super - of higher kind.

    You are wrong Shery and you've been taught wrong. You've been fed a heap of lies. Sorry for you.

    I read that Satan is a lier; the father of the lier.Hope someone know the Bibletext ?
    Bible and jesus dont' tell lies!

    Halloween .... this is the night when my sister-in-law goes out and flights on her broom as happy as pig in sh-t. LOL

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