As technology grows at a seemingly exponential rate, how will we evolve as a result?

    1000 years from now? 10000 years from now?

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    perhaps by then we'll no longer know hate, war ,famine and deceipt...

    Thank goodness we are creatures that are easily adaptable. I had a client who reached one hundred and one.I celebrate her as a woman of the times in that she just went with the flow. Beautiful yet always changing with the times. All I can say is "Go with the flow baby".Take it easy . Relax, and enjoy the ride, it's going to be an interesting one for sure, but be sure not to loose time right here right now thinking too far ahead. There are many precious things going on under our noses if we are willing to slow down, be present and  watch...don't overlook them by looking too far ahead, thats what causes me.

       A 1,000   years from now it wouldn't   matter  what  I or you  think..................  so why  ask except    .....on  Q and A

    have a peek at these sites - 

    gives you an idea of what is being predicted, so far! ;-)



    I’m almost afraid to look but here I go, Grit Savage.

    That’a one of the most challenging questions I’ve seen on akaqa. It makes me really want to be alive 1,000 years from now.


    What do you think ?

    I think it might be exciting.  I just hope we don't develop more than two eyes.

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