i have been suffering with a vascular necrosis, rt hip entirely gone, now AVN femur.Basically i have been neglected and left on my own to "rot" no matter how i have tried to get help , to get well, ive been 'JUSTIFIABLY' ignored b/c since i am a familily that consists of only myself and my (majorly emotionally disturbed 13 yr old baby girl---from watching her mother continually get rejected passed over and ignored no matter how hard i advocate for myself daily)I'm probably stage 5 now. no tests

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    Please ... there has to be a phone number in your telephone book for help.  Do you go to church?  There is all sorts of help though your church.  You have a daughter who needs you.  That is the bottom line.  Please focus on finding the help you need and not the  problems that have not occured yet.  Baby steps.

    We are just ordinary people here who yes, care and are concerned.  We don't have all the answers and we can't fix all the problems but many of us would like to do just that. 

    Think about how wonderful it would be to just be a Mom for your daughter without issues and focus on that.  Find help one step at a time ... be calm and be inventive.  A problem is only a solution waiting to happen ... I am not joking about this. 

    Say to yourself, "This is my first problem." ... focus on that.  Don't think about any other problem.

    Once that is resolved and it will be (You only have one problem to deal with ... remember) .... then turn your attention to problem number two.......Again only one problem to deal with.  Then keep on going. 

    Look at your problems as a quest.  Mountains to climb.  Think about the personal victory.  You don't have to tell anyone else... this quest is about you and you alone.

    Don't focus on the bad ... focus on the good. 

    One problem.  One week.  One life which is yours to live no matter how hard it may seem right now.  And above all, the love and sheer wonder of the journey to health with your daughter.

    I hope this helps.  I can only tell you that I have health issues and a lot of people here do as well.  We don't walk your path and you don't walk ours.  I am just one person who believes that I am here for a reason and I am not alone.

    God Bless.


    I was looking for you, f.g. Tomorrow I will say to myself, "This is my first problem." Thank you. I hope kimi hears you. I did. : )


    This works for me Itsmee. Someone said, a long time ago, "Grab some guts"... I took it seriously. I don't think they were saying it the way it sounded in my head but I have held on tight and have ran with it ever since. Problems are a lot smaller when they stand alone.

    She needs YOU. If you were gone, she would suffer. However, you've got to get yourself together for her and you. There ARE things you could do. If you are in that much pain and distress you must get in a taxi or car and get to the Emergency Hospital ... Take your daughter with you.  The medics WILL give you advice. They WILL make arrangements for your daughter while you are ill.

    I know Depression very well. You have it and you don't deserve it. Can you make it through this night and go in the AM? Maybe you should just call 911.  Medical people are obligated to take care of people. 

    Did you ever stop to think that it is your attitude and your willingness to just give up that is disturbing your 13 year old? Too much drama for a teen going through puberty to handle. You'll be lucky if she doesn't  commit suicide first. 

    Listen to these girls - so very sorry. You must get help - I am left to rot too but it is only me if I got it together I could get help here medically(  but for some of mine there is not much they can do about certain things) -   at least first step for you and I am sure they can help..

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