Talk about the last time you swallowed your pride and sucked it back in.....

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    What pride?

    I am doing this now... I am learning to stick my art education in the recycle bin and realise that I have been full of sh!t for my entire adult life.  The average consumer doesn't give a flying fig what I know about art or how technically proficiant I am.   It just does not matter.

    I am not being 'out there'... this is the truth.  I am sucking it up.

    ed shank

    Sounds like a melt down. Are you alright?

    I am perfectly fine. Thanks Ed. I am learning how to be humble and de-think my art. The gift store my work is in at the moment sells by size of the item not the work involved ........ oh you just can't imagine.

    Biased Opinion:

    I bet your creations are wonderful and you put everything into them.

    Creation and commerce are different games. I think you are smart enough to find that appealing niche that will address creativity and seem to me to be too sharp and caring not to succeed.

    You are full of the right stuff to make a difference !

    Thanks Benthere. That is the best comment I could receive and perfect timing as our shows begin this afternoon.
    I feel a lot better. Thank you again.
    xo Fishy

    We leased a new car a few months back.  It was just too much for us to pay -- leases are terrible. Anyway, we bought an old car. It looks good. It's in great condition. The owner is a mechanic and lives two doors down. 

    I swallowed hard. I haven't been out driving yet. Tomorrow. 

    What will thinkle peep? 

    Recently settled a law suit against me. I performed a service for a good client in which he suffered a catastrophic event which could have killed him. I was accused of inferior workmanship. I denied anything was done sub-standard. Upon further examination of my work, I came to the conclusion that it was in fact my negligence which caused this unfortunate incident. I apologized to my client, compensated him for his losses and assured him should he ever need my services again this would not happen again. Hopefully we can resume a business relationship in the future.


    I’d trust you. Most definitely!

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