The tylenol I am talking about has codeine and caffein

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    That's a bit zippy. I must have missed something or I am not putting two and two together.

    Caffeine and codeine are both PHYSICALLY addictive, so this is not simply a case of psychological dependency.

    I didn't say it wasn't possible. I went to find the other question.

        What are you taking it for?  You need to get to the root of the problem.  I had foot surgery 4 months ago (which involved having bone cut away), and was prescribed Vicadin, but I never even needed 1 pill.  A lot of peoples' pain is in their mind, and doctors are way over-prescribing painkillers. Try aspirin; it's a painkiller and anti-inflammatory all in one, and doesn't have any side effects.  Remember that any medication you take has to go through your liver, and it can be damaged by these toxic substances.  I know of someone who destroyed her liver by taking Tylenol, and ended up dying of liver failure.  You can gradually wean yourself off these prescribed Tylenols; just figure out how many per day you're taking, and try to take less each subsequent day until you're off of them.  Good luck!

    The you are either confused or you're just looking for attention. In your first questions, you tagged the Tylenol as over the counter. Tylenol 3 is not over the counter. 


    Talk to your Dr. and tell him it's become a problem, he may give you something else TO TAKE AS PRESCRIBED......

    Nice catch Colleen.. Maybe she does not understand the term OTC

    Her doctor should know how much he's given her. They usually watch for addiction and not prescribe enough to cause an addiction. I'm wondering is she's not getting them somewhere else.
    So tylonel 3 the RX.. That makes more since... Tell your Dr. about the withdraws... HE can change you RX.

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