I can't handle this anymore....

    It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to access questions to answer them.  Today, I am unable to comment or edit.  To read my notifications, I have to go to my profile, then highlight the notifications. I am patient and understanding;  this is putting tears in my eyes. 
    Winfia:  One time I had so much butter on my popcorn, it oozed right through the container.  I bring my own plastic tub nowadays (shameful, but true).
    dondarlingjr:  I am one person.  My initials are PKB.  I use "Bob" because most can spell it. 
    I will keep trying to participate;  love to all of you.   Bob/PKB


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    Hi Bob, hang in there. Hopefully things will come around. At times, it takes me a considerable amount of time to do a TU, or navigate around the site. Then there are other times when it is really responsive. I think it is the website.
    country bumpkin

    I miss your wisdom and I miss you. 11/11/11.

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    Bob/PKB I know how you feel. I have experienced your issues and I can't Thumbs up anyone at all. It's horrible. I have issued a complaint but I have been waiting for two days now.
    I want to hang in there but this is becoming over the moon frustrating.

    fishgirl. Admin is working diligently on all the issues. I know it can be irritating at times, but please hang in there. regards/yvonne57

    Yesterday was the worst.m Evertime I tried to answer a question, the site jumped to the top. It is better now. But the TUs take so long to take, so much waste of time.


    Oh no. I thought everything was fixed now. See my post above. Mine is working again. Maybe yours will be fixed very soon. :(

    I am reading you loud and clear. Over and out.


    west-bus - just wanted to say how very adorable your cat looks - so very very like my Lily who was put to sleep on the 15th October - God rest her soul.

    Hello Dopey. I am sad to read of your recent loss. I would be very happy if you would tell me more about Lilly whenever you feel so. Cats have always given me the most pleasure. Its now 00:35 and I am off to bed. Bye.

    I will west-bus. thank you. I do however have two other cats all strays(all my cats have been strays) in fact one really lives around the corner - the owner has cats too and doesn't mind he stays here. Things have not been easy as on the Tuesday 11th October my very dear friend passed away unexpectedly - every one here were so sympathetic - Oh what a week It is now 1am in the morning and I too must get some shut eye. We will talk more.

    That's sad, Dopey. I've got 3 little feline children too. They're so precious

    hang in there"bob', it does get a bit frustrating no doubt, perhaps administration is working on it, i'm sure we all noticed how slow it's getting, but i had no idea it was that bad, we'll be on the lookout for you..

    I miss some regular people.


    Me too.

    I'm regular, I'll be your regular friend.

    1967 ... I’ll be your regular friend too. : ) Thank You.

    And, of course, all the rest of youse. You know who you are.

    yeah, what happened to People Lover ?

    I've noticed there are a lot less questions being posted also. Seems odd. The questions used to pop up every thirty seconds or so. Now I'm seeing questions from 11 hours ago on the first page. Thought there was a glitch some where.


    I think that people are just getting too frustrated with the site, to participate?

    Well, we can only answer SO MANY questions. All I am here is a go between to Google for people too lazy to look it up themselves.

    So true, TSC!!

    I wish this was the only thing I couldn't handle - oh my. I so hope for you that you find your soulmate and then you'll be just right. This must give the person a feeling of being able to conquer all! and most of all someone to share with.


    Hi dopey....Like you, I wish this was the only thing I couldn't handle. It seems I go through phases of being able to cope and then just being too exhausted form the effort of trying to move forward in cement boots....that are soldered onto my feet.
    Let's not give up!
    Yeah, the soulmate thing sounds really awesome. Heck, just having someone to hang out with regularly would be nice!!!

    Me too - I understand - your picture is lovely though with that great smile - really. You won't give up look up your motto on your profile,so good - you take care now.

    I thought you weren't around much Bob/PKB,hang in there,i miss your input.

    Hi All, I will let Admin know of the unrest.  I'm sure Colleen has already been on it, dear girl that she is.  Please be patient.  We don't want to lose any of you.  I'm going to go make some popcorn - after I notify Admin.  Regards/Yvonne57

    Hey Bob...never would I have thought I would tell someone named Bob, you are just too beautiful to lose off the screen...but you are!!!!! Hang in there! Talk with Colleeen...she's a good gal, and something will be resolved. I'd miss you if you were not there!!! I trust in Colleen, in my book, she is a standup person, and she will be of help. It's either that, Or I'm going to have to challenge her to a truckers rodeo at the Springfield Fair in Springfieldfield, Maine next year.  I can alley dock within 6" inches, and I known how to slide through the mud in abou any direction I need to load! Or we on? I can supply the trucks! We could probably do it on national television...we're in logging country, and it's a matter of figuring the slide.


    I'm up to it, and I don't care if I lose...although...I am good!

    I'll meet you in Maine. I met too many challenging docks that the guys failed at to turn you down :)
    country bumpkin

    Oh, I want to learn how to drive a big truck. *~*

    Bob,  stress does sometimes come in bunches.  What is truly important will make it's way back to you........Let some go.   Anything important will always make it's way back to you,...hopefully at a better time for you. God will take your troubles if you actually give them to Him. Picture/Imagine in your mind turning over these problems and  truly give them to him, and wash your hands of it and you'll see a positive change if not a complete resolution. ((:-]))



    You are really good at reading through the lines, michmar118. There are other things bogging me down....I am taking your advice and settling down for some serious point-on prayer time. I WILL give those issues to God, and hopefully will not look back with anger, resentment, hurt, pride, or any other ugly thing that I don't like harboring.
    Bless you, very very much!

    Feel strongly like I want to give you a long, calming hug, and did so mentally. Hope it helps on some level. Very best to you all the way around!

    I thought Bob was your husband.  LOL . So, I was wondering why people addressed YOU as Bob. I thought both you and he used this site, so had a combined screen name for this site


    My real name is Phyllis. It annoys me somewhat when it is spelled incorrectly, and often people hear "Stella" when I say "Phyllis". BOB is simple enough for everyone to get right. (not that everyone DOES......)

    I have a sister-in-law named Phyllis, so I won't get that wrong. LOL. I can't believe they even get Bob wrong sometimes. LOL People call me by the wrong first name too. And they butchered my maiden last name and my married name, and they were so easy to pronounce.

    Hey "Bob" - notonly the gliches, but this website can become addictive. If I get on first thing in the morning, before I know it, my morning disappears. So I am limiting myself now. Thanks for the butter update. With all the popcorn talk yesterday, I made a big bowl of it in the afternoon - oozing with butter - what's the deal with butter, anyway? ... and I'm on limited points with Weight Watchers. F-it, It was worth it. Keep the faith, we'll still be here ... xo


    Sprinkle some olive oil on your popcorn...healthier than butter and tastes great! (in my opinion)

    and try a little Soy Sauce on your popcorn. It's good !

    I'm finding it slow now.I have to scroll back to the top & click on home to get back to the questions & my notifications.But I'll hang in there.

    I have wondered where you have been kindred spirit, as of late. Actually kind of concerned to be honest.Used to seeing your answers much more often. I think the sight with all the advertisements are adding time to our responses. More space taken in order to make something financially off of the sight. Not being critical...understanding more than not. We all have to make a living! Relieved to see your still around.


    mom and PKB,How do we put our pics on here like you did ?

    Oh my dondowningjr...aren't you charming today...blush blush blush;)

    You have to go on to your profile and follow the steps. It's easy....I wish we could see more members on here, I know people want privacy with their questions but it would be nice.

    Don, I thought you were in love with Jhharlan. Are you 2 timing her ? LOL

    The site jumps on me   at today.....or the computer gets real  slow......or  loses my  words  im  typing........or just trys to  make my  life difficult..........    something  does  that  everyday..........HANG IN THERE BOB,  DON'T    LET GO  !!!!!

    Bob, how are you doing??  Thinking of you.........

    Bob/PKF thanks for  your comment.  You know we all have frustrations from time to time.  This week there has been a serious issue going on in my extended family.  Upsetting.  However, it is great to say,  "Let me see how my friends are doing on this site."  It is very relaxing and calming for me, because i always seem to be having so much to do, like most of us.  I hope they get the site fixed so more can join rather than leave. Bob/PKF take care of yourself.  You're beautiful. 


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