Can you conceive after menapause?

    No period for a year than dizziness just like when you were pregnant.

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    Generally, no you can't as actual menopause (unlike some similar menstrual conditions that can emulate menopause but still leave a woman fertile and capable of conception) by definition means the ending of the menstrual cycle. Though variations in estrogen (particularly huge upward spikes) could ... and that's an iffy could ... leave a woman susceptible to getting pregnant. For sure talk at length with your GYN. Here's a link that might prove helpful: .

    xm/Guru....I have already had my miracle arrive. He is two and we love him over the moon. It is wonderful having a child later in life. It is happiness times infinity.
    I thought I was experiencing signs of menopause and I was actually pregnant.... yay!

    Congrats fg :) ... though you might not appreciate the congrats when you get to the "omg morning sickness!"-rush-to-the-bathroom stage :)

    Thats wonderful, fish, it keeps you young.

    you need three years to not conceive of a period see your doctor good luck

    Usually after one year of no periods you should be infertile. But this is usually not always. See your doctor.

    I seem to remember a lady having an hysterectomy and still becoming pregnant the egg attached itself to stmach tissue Strange but I'm pretty sure it happened according to the newspapers that is about 20 yrs ago at a guess think she may have been Italian you would have to Google it but i'm telling the truth as far as I know


    Didn't know that must have been is awful

    My doctor just assumes I've gone through menopause because I have no periods anymore (after a couple of years...) but he's never done any checking....Geez, can you imagine having a baby after 50? I'd love it! But is does take sex, darn it......

    I had an aunt who conseived at 56, after she thought she was past her menopause.What a surprise. To be sure , see a doctor.


    56 Wow. I tell everyone that my son came from my last viable egg!

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