Why do people come on this website asking for directions?

    ... have they never heard of Google maps, or Yahoo maps, or Bing maps, etc?

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    It is easier to hit the little green (or blue) tab than it is to Google that Baby.

    hmmn - you think so? I came across this website by "accident." I think, or make that, "thought" that most people knew how to Google directions.

    I wonder why as I would have to consult the World map and as fish girl and winfia say why not go to Google. Not sure asking here would help me even in the UK  I am all over the place. My friend and I when we went on a journey were like Bonnie and Clyde used to laugh so much and once she said go left - I said I am sure it's right and ended up with the tow ball of this Range Rover going into the back of the car my new Micra which left a dent. She still doesn't know about the dent to this day neither does the driver of the Range Rover just drove on. We needed a man not a map. 


    That's so funny, dopey. When my daughter and I went to Germany a few years ago we only had reservations for the 1st and last nights of a 9-day visit. Getting lost and missing trains (and not even being able to find the train station in the first place) adds to the fun somehow!!

    winfia - what a sweetheart your are. You just get it!!

    I am the queen of getting lost... once with my Mother and my Daughters in tow I drove to the grocery store 20 minutes away and ended up taking 4 1/2 hours to return home without ever getting to the grocery store... My Mother said, "I wanted to see the Lower Main Land but not all in one day!"... my Daughters thought this was hilarious. My youngest Daughter tells everyone that her Mom gets lost but always always always finds her way home... eventually.
    I am very lucky... I can only go as far as the American border or the Sea... if I am going the other way ... I am on my way to visit my Mother.

    Because they are lost!


    That would be a logical reason.

    Pure and simple laziness.


    Ahh ... could be, or maybe they are just "fishing" to see what kinds of answers they catch, or if they even do get an answer!

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