why is barack obama a two face liar

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    Do you live in America? 

    Where's the change he promised? When he promised change, I guess we all assumed it meant, good change? 


    Changed his mind

    Listening to his speech's kind of make me think he doesn't know what is going on. No one can have the blinders on like he does.

    My real beef with Obama is all about how he said things on being  " I will unite the American people" , Transparency of Government, and wanting to work with both parties to solve Americas problems.

    These are actual issues that he has had a reverse effect on . You don't keep slamming Republicans, as they are Americans too, and they are of all colors. I have come to hate this black/white hypothetical reasons for being against things, when it is just a matter of not liking policies from these leaders from both parties.

    only cause he don't have three faces...


    yeah, he already got a black one AND a white one!! what more you need? lmao

    Great point!

    He represents the part of society that wants something for nothing.

    I don't know that he is, I don't pay him much attention........


    He's only leading your nation. You should pay attention.

    I don't think he is the leader, just a mouthpiece....

    He's still making decisions that hurt the American people. He's more than just a mouth piece.

    Well, I didn't vote for him....

    It is getting harder to watch him when he speaks. He is truely dividing the people in America. Maybe that is the change he's been looking at all along.

    Wow. So you didn't vote for him..... OK. I guess politics is not your thing. Sorry. I just saw you post to a political thread and thought you follow politics, especially what Obama is doing to our country out of concern for your county. But you didn't vote for him so there's no reason to pay attention. Gotcha.

    You're absolutely right that he's just a mouthpiece; always has been and always will be. No useful ideas, just hot air and rhetoric coming out of that mouth. I didn't vote for him, either. If some people think he's so great, how come they won't admit to voting for him? I've done my own surveys, and can't find ANYONE who voted for him.

    He's a Politician it's all they know how to do a part from feathering their own nests .

    Thats right Colleen he is at the helm until we replace him at  the poles. Aren't we (Americans) blessed that we have the right to vote for whom  we please for better or worse. Damn I'm  proud to be an American.  


    I think us Americans are about fed up with both parties on "the worse"! Time for the better.

         Originally, it was so he could become president; now it's so he can be re-lected.  Thank you, Oprah Winfrey, for launching this formerly unknown bamboozler into the national spotlight, helping him get elected, and destroying this country!


    Just an infatuation of similar color. He did horible in the debates for president, and still received praise from mainstream media. Go figure.

    catgirl15 I have an idea why politicians lie, but it appears to come with the territory. However, I feel we should fact check before we start saying who is destroying what. Under the Bush Family deregulation occurred in many areas, having devastating effect in media ownership, cost of cable and banking rules and regulations. Bush started the war in Iraq when people all over the world begged him not to. 750,000 jobs were lost each month under President Bush. Bush & all his friends, Halliburton, Dick Chaney, and the likes, made a fortune off the war and war products. Never have we seen so many people lose homes, but under Bush. That is one reason we see the Wall st. protest, somebody did some fact checking and did not like what they found. Obama has been trying to keep the country from going all the way under. Obama is not perfect, but Bush was trying to conquer the world & diligent sources kept reporting the unbias truth & now people are mad. There is a commission report out regarding why we are having a housing crisis. All goes back to Bush deregulating everything, his friends getting rich and now poor lying Obama has to try to fix it all, with absolutely no support from the congress or house. Very sad that minds are so pinched closed. We need to learn to work with any president. Democrat or Republican to fix what needs to be fixed. Several Republicans have said they would rather see the country fail that support Obama. Sad commentary on our level of development. One more thing. Republicans are always saying we have to make more jobs. The same people are ok with seeing thousands of teachers being laid off. 30,000 are getting ready to be laid off at Bank of America. Post office workers are being laid off. That's ok though. Police are being laid off. These are the middle class workers. Let's connect the dots & figure out how we can help any president win for us all. Filibustering everything and not willing to communicate with a person running the country should be against the law. Where are all the communications experts like Anthony Robbins, who could help turn this lack of communication, garbage between parties around.

    If a person takes over a failing business, how long can he/she continue to whine about how bad things are, due to that previous owner.  Come on now.

       Sad commentary that Obama's way of "keeping the country from going all the way under" was to bail out the car makers and banks.  All of those billions, plus the billions for mortgage modifications were grabbed up by the fat cats.  But that's the Democrats for you.  Tax and spend, that'll solve all our problems.   And the housing crisis had nothing to do with "deregulation"; that was the Securities and Exchange Commission pruprosely looking the other way when Wall Street was pulling their shenaningans.  That had been going on for YEARS before the housing crash. Do some research!  And as for the war in Iraq, do you think it's any coincidence that Obama's waiting until just a year before the next election to pull out our troops?  I think not.  If a "pinched mind" means being able to see a scam artist from a mile away, well then EXCUUUUZZZE me, and my husband, my neighbors, and everybody else I associate with. 

    More republican drivel !!!! Whinny little republican tax payers!!!!!!! This is better than winning the lottery. We have all seen and experienced  8 years of life with the moron you chose awhile back,so kindly go hide your head in shame . What ever Obama does including watermelon parties on the white house lawn are just payback for 8 years of your Moron. Get a clue when you are poor life always sucks. Perhaps you need to feel a little poor to get a better perspective .I am glad to know Republicans are feeling some pain makes my day !!!!! How dare you open your mouth and think you are entitled to have a say in anything ever again ,after 8 years of that dufus moron Bush. That idiot Bush  should be sold to the Chinese for fertiliser ,he full of crap from head to toe.   LOL!

    Did you guy's seriously think that any president was going to fix the mess this country is in on one term? It was the GOP that controlled congress from the mid 90s to 2006 and a republican president from 2000 to 2008. During that time they created the phenomenal mess from which we are suffering.  And catgirl say's he shouldn't have bailed out the bank or car industry. Well, if he hadn't we would have been in a full blown depression with unemployment as high as 20%. Also, most of that money has been paid back and Bush actually started the bank bailout before he left office. Another problem is that it isn't just our decisions that affect our economy but europe as well, so it's global which means we have to co-ordinate with a lot of other people to fix the problem. As far a whining is conserned, I guess he can whine a long time given how incompetent the conservatives proved to be for over a decade, but you guys seem to avoid remembering all of that.

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