How can i change my life, i have had 5 years of bad luck !!

    Hi can anyone give me advice...


    it doesnt matter what i have tried to do ,its not worked, i am usually a bubbly happy person, but the past 5 years i have had very bad health many operations on my stomach, partner left me, all my friends left my life, moved to another area, and my neighbour is gossping about me, really nasty things too, i have tried so hard to have plain sailing .......but everything in my kitchen has broken, washing machine  3 kettles, 2 irons, 2 ovens, 2 showers in the bathroom,  and my dear cat died that i adored, granted he was 16, but this past 5 years has been hell, i had two gunmen come into my home and really hurt me, wasnt me they wanted but  wanted to know where my neighbour was, he was out, and they tortured me for 2 hours, my life has been awful, what can i do change this bad luck spate, i was told by a meduim that someone had wished me bad luck,  surely it cant happen that way?? by wishing someone bad luck and they have can i trun my bad luck into good luck ....i am in my middle years not a teenager, i am worried now, that it wont end .there is much more but there isnt room to write it all,.Gabbie

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    Attitude will take you everywhere........

    Begin to think positively ... it will take you far.  Stop focusing on what the medium told you and treat all things good and bad as part of the life lessons and your journey.  Your attitude is key.

    Life has no remote control.. if you want a change get up and do it yourself

    A "medium" told you that someone wished you bad luck?  You take advice from "a medium"?  That is a complete stranger and you pay him/her to tell you negative things and then, you believe it?  Think about that!! 

    I agree with Colleen bad karma what goes around comes around have a think have you been up to know good before this five years if you have admit it and then say sorry to you ever and then let go and try and for give your selve and others who have harmed you and your luck will return and you must think PMA this will help you start making plans write it down and tick off each one that you have acheived you will feel better sending you some luck

    You are burning off some mad karma.  What goes down has to come up.  You are in charge of your life. Take charge. Wishing you good luck. 

    Everybody gave such good advice tabber is speechless for once.  Try some of the things these insightful people have said.  Good Luck.

    Write a country western song about your life.

    moon island

    what a radical solution

    A good read...

    Break a mirror


    Make it TWELVE? Oh yeah, the question didn't say make it better did it? Okay then...good answer! LOL

    I know how you are feeling too.  I lean on my hope and belief in God though others in here will argue that.  I have been going through many bad years myself but my hope and belief and faith in God is still there and I do see him working in my life just the same.  I wish you the best and hope and prayers that things will turnaround.

    Luck has more to do with choice rather than circumstance. Choose wisely.

    If you expect your life to carry on being bad, then it will. Think positively, make some friends, get a new cat, find a partner. If you ignore all the bad things, your life will get a lot better.

    Get a girl/boyfriend.

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