Do you think we need another "World War" ? ;-)

    got directed to this site which gave me food for thought 


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    We don't need one but we are in one.  Sad and true.

    We dont need another war. But there will be another war in the Middle east, if Israel and Palestine dont come to a peace agreement. With our troops leaving Iraq, the Iranians will be able to infiltrate Iraq and start a war against Israel.

    It's inevitable, but only because someone will make a fortune from it.


    And we know which country.

    I would say that the US needs to stop fixing up all the countries that have fallen to war with our money.. it's our tax dollars. The old saying.. "wanna fix up your country? start a war with the USA, they will most likely win and then the USA will remodel your whole country at the cost of the American taxpayers..."
    Bob/PKB said it all, Vinny

    I think they are gearing up for one.

    When you consider the mess in the Middle East with Iran's madman at the helm coupled with the unclear future direction of the northern African Arab-Spring states; the almost inevitable collapse of the European Union; the growing Islamist fanaticism; the global economic crisis; 

    WW3 is not an alarmist possibility.

    do we need one no. but will it happen yes it's inevitable and only god can stop it..


    He didn't stop the 2 other previous WW's, let alone the thousands of other throughout history, please tell me why you believe that he can and will prevent the next?

    I agree with you digger.. seems that god thinks we need wars just to control population.. If god didn't want us to fight, he would have not given us the ability to create weapons of war.. not to mention, Islam, God is war. 'kill the infidels'.. how can anyone prove them wrong?? Please don't read into this wrongly, I am totally against wars of any kind but I think you will find that 99.9% of the civilized world would agree but yet, we have wars..

    What have we been doing but not as close to WW3 without all the propaganda.....

    Do you remember    Make Love not War?

    "Why do we like killing.Other mothers to suffer "WE have lost lives through two wars .Plus Iraq which was not called for just for the whims of have a drink Bush I will follow you PM Blair let the Arabs fight with Israel the Jews are a law into them self s they dont care what anybody says US/UK take a hike maybe we need a break say one hundred years

    We are on the road to Armageddon, I would say within the next 30 years.

    Possibly sooner all bible predictions have been put in place, we are in the Last Days.


    think positive. Enough people have ended the world- let God decide. on your part think peace, talk peace and act peaceful. this will give you contentment and fear has no place.
    Headless Man

    I do not fear, I am ready, my concern is the rest.

    I am 100% totally against any wars.  People deserve to have the chance to grow up and kiss or boy, or girl,  whatever their preference.  We need to figure out another way to direct our engery and money.  fagashlil said, ' war helps get rid of too many people'.  Let's get people on birth control.  I heard on a talk show, a man that studied ants, said, "only ants and humans kill their own kind."  We need to grow up and stop it.  No war for no reason!  Have a sports or music, or chess contest,  between countries.  We have better brains than, "let's drop a bomb on somebody."  Thank you, CIA.  Just kidding.  Seriously kidding.

    What may happen could be like in the Book that was written by Nevil Shute' on the beach W.W.3 Happens and every one dies!  T.S ELLIOT excerpts from the hollow men-In this last of meeting places we grope together avoid speech gathered on this Beach of the tumid river-- This is the way the world  ends this is the way the world ends not with a Bang but with a whimper.""

    Hell no. The next one will leave nothing alive or dying.

    The USA should seek a space based laser system to destroy things. This kind of ultimate weapon would be  the best deterrent to a world war or any conflict. Nuclear weapons not a deterrent any more. Iran is not scared to die.

    Yes like a hole in the head is needed

    Well, I don't think we need a world war. But, sometimes smaller conflicts escalate, and almost take on a "wave-effect." So, a person never really knows what to expect. But, I am not all that optimistic regarding us not having one, in realizing which fanatics have nuclear weapons nowadays. 

    Yes we definately need another war to get rid of so many people that we have and cannot afford.  The sooner the better.  Lets get started.  Let battle commence!


    You first Fagashlil

    I hope against hope that a third world war can be avoided. I have fought in a war and it was not nice. Men die in wars. Some women and children too. But mainly men.

    WW1 killed or maimed fully one third of the marriageble-aged men of Britain. The women who gave white feathers to the men who did not relish the idea of being blown up to protect the women while the women sat at home knitting, were left bereft. And complaining.  They called men cowards before and blamed the dead after. WW2 saw nearly a quarter of Britain's mariageable-aged men die or maimed, and a whole lot of women and children from the bombing. I was born in the wreckage of Coventry.

    That was just one country's losses. Multiply that by all the other European countries and Commonwealth countries that sent troops and were bombed and you can see the awfulness.

    Yes, I have an axe to grind. Men, women and children die, but mostly men.

    This past 60 years has seen America come in for much criticism in trying to do the right thing and be the world's policeman. But as the saying goes, "the Good that men do, seldom does them much good". There has been an eagerness by the world to let America carry the burden of peace and America has been almost as eager to make wars where 'needed'. But too much eagerness from any side is not a good thing when men get killed. One could understand the Historian argument that America may have been a little less eager to become so 'powerful' if it had suffered as much as other countries had. As it was America was the ONLY modern industrial country to come out of both world wars unscathed.

    It would not be so fortunate if WW3 broke out.

    Some may see WW3 as inevitable. I would not wish it on anyone.

    Headless Man

    Yes, I believe WW3 will include Nuclear bombs and has been named Armageddon.

    NEED? no,  noone needs a war let alone WW. Think peace and talk peace. Those who are arrogant and oppressive will get their fair share of punishment from a source historical -GOD!

    Headless Man

    Yes, but God doesn't talk of peace He speaks of Armageddon, be prepared.

    No never, never. Why the people can`t  find a solution, everything has a solution. In a war people just kill, i say that because my uncle has died in war when i was one year, how i would like meet him, speak with him, know him etc. I think always good persons die young. I don`t know why some people want war, they just destroy the lifes and hearts of people, they destroy animals, they destroy the nature etc. Why to beat someone or kill when we can talk to him or find a better solution. I don`t feel good when i see my grandma crying for her son, sometime when i see her she make me cry too.

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