Like flowers in a garden, God created people of different colors. Do you agree that 'all flowers co-exist in peace?'

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    Mostly, I think flowers have a peaceful existence with each other, but there are some that overrun the garden, and there may be root wars going on undergrount that we don't know about! 


    agree. if minor root wars were not there, this world would be called 'PARADISE'!

    I have an interesting garden.  I don't know it the flowers are peaceful but the bees are having a grand old time.

    How I wish all people could live in peace,but that is just a dream sadly.


    so everyone should give peace a chance.

    seems like it to me, but i'm sure the plants and flowers got some fights going on.

    I actually think it would be a boring world if people were of the same color, as I would if all things were one color. It is ridiculous to think color has anything to do with being a human being. Try going to a kindergarten class and observing all the children playing together. It isn't until they get older that they are subject to discrimination.

    There are those who I believe are career racists. To name a couple .. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They, to me, thrive to segregate people from one another. I don't have to explain why I'm the color I am, and no one has to explain their color to me. Intelligent conversation is the only way to determine what a person has on their mind and what their character level is.


    great answer and a lesson for others.

    Not sure if the flowers have a peaceful existence,gotta watch them nasty weeds that take over the garden.


    WEEDS are not flowers!

    Weeds have a way of getting into any garden.

    I believe they do.

    I believe they could...

    That will never happen.


    WHY WILL IT NOT HAPPEN? Give peace, pluralism, respect for other's views a CHANCE. My way or highway never brings peaceful results. Think about it!

    As much as I would like it to happen, just look around. The human race has been fighting for thousands of years and they are still at each other's throats. There have been continual wars since world war ll and one country stands out as the offender. They all want to make money out of killing.

    Some plants do not do well next to each other. They fight for the sun, food, and try to overtake each other.


    that's garden planning problem!

    Don't   cut me in this garden and protect me from the frost........can you do that?


    one flower does not cut the other and frost will affect the entire garden! so why do u expect special protection,friend?

    With your question you asked can flowers in a garden co-exist. Like flowers someone has to plant us(be born). If weeds(evil) grow as well next to the flowers. The flowers get choked from growing as designed. Thus the flowers(people) are not developed as expected.
    Because of this some flowers will grow strong and some flowers will grow weak! As A flower I can be cut( I could have my life taken away) because I look good(striving). As for the frost- flowers can not make choices. I can make choices as how I live and where.

    Bottom Line: We are not flowers, sorry,friend.

    I love Gardening we have flowers and bushes and the butterflys and the bees love our garden as most of the houses do have gardens but they dont look after them all they have is a lawn we never cut the flowers as I belive they live in the garden and they should die in the garden I like to think its my little bit of heaven!

    No, some strangle others

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