11:51 ... No KABOOM yet. Curious and waiting. It is almost the final day.

    By Canadian Time.... does that count?

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    I think it is safe to say,that i am going to bed soon.Just hope i am not woken up by a "KABOOM".

    It's 4:59pm Friday here & nothing has happened yet.It's been a normal day.Nothing wierd to report.

    I guess we should get in touch with the Kiwis.They're about the first in the world to see the sun come up.

    I have a feeling it will be business as usual tomorrow tho.LOL


    OK then ... time to pay that Visa bill ... and the pots are coming out of the kiln.

    " (Moammar Kadafhi) would disagree with you LOL ! " He got his "(KABOOM)!"

    I've only heard of the supposed end of the world here on akaQA..... Guess I'll find out tomorrow what all the fuss is about.....

    """"I am scared silly and running for the hills save me MOMMY!!!

    hi fish gril to hide from boom thene go to a bomb shelter and if there are zombies time for the war you will need no.1 shermen tanks ect  no.2 guns m60 ak47 akms or akm dragonov no.3 comrads no,4 the us airplane force ect no.5 moore guns and ammos for bloody fun bye

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