Why when i went inton my mail, was I accused, of saying, such dreadful things about Jack Layton, that I never said, I am very upset that my name is attached to the dreedful things I am supposed to have commented about him..

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    We're not Facebook. This has nothing to do with us or anyone here. Go back to Facebook and reply to the messages you got there. 

    Just tell him you haven't said it and you have n't any reason to have said it . Tell him directly he probaly isn't bothered anyhow

    You can click on details and see the ip address. Then go to one hundred best web sites on google. Find one that deals with who owns that IP Once you know that its possible to deal with that person directly. In the mean time you can post a disclaimer regarding Comments about Jack Layton .People are really hateful some times,fact is when it comes to the human race its long past time for a huge house cleaning . Hope this works out for you . Choose your friends better and share none of your personal info ever.

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