Is it OK to kill but not people?

    the bible says they cant kill but what? people that gos the to church kills animals for fun all the time when they hunt deer is it OK to kill but not people? i don't think so.

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    these people are hypocrits that go to church and then kill for fun well thats what I think anyway good question novagod PS love your cat is it a British blue!!

    I'm concerned for your well being. What is the name of the Church you are going to? yvonne57

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    How is killing "fun"? For the life of me i can't see how that would be fun.


    I was thinking about some hunters, and the torreros who are killing bulls for "fun for people".

    well you're different than I am. I was sitting on my deck with my wife a couple days ago eating a steak and a fly continued to land on my plate.

    I wacked that son of a gun and when it landed on the floor I JUMPED on it. It was fun. And I'd do it again.

    I can't kill a bug... I shoo them out of the house.

    No its wrong to kill for fun, I couldn't do that.

    to kill anything for fun is wrong and its bad karma I cant even kill a fly I do my damdest to get it out of the house and when I see worms I pick them and put then in earth to stop them drying out never kill anything


    Good God !!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK. The Werewolf is about to eat your child. You have a gun and it has the silver bullet in it. Would you shoot the Werewolf ????? Or Yourself ?????

    pioneer2 there are no werewolfs get a grip!

    Well, we kill flies and mosquitoes, but I don't like killing animals. I have three chickens, only two lay, but I wil not kill the chicken which no longer lays. All my chickens live a good life and die of old age.


    Lovely answer!

    Old 70's poster read :

    War Is Not Good For Children And Other Living Things ...

    I sure understand  your confusion, novagod

    its ok to kill for survival as man has from the start

    Actually, the bible wording got changed. Originally it read thou shalt not murder. It did not say kill. We are allowed to kill animals for clothing and food, that has never changed as far as I know. 


    Is it ok to kill for fun i don't think so do u?

    No, it is never OK to kill for fun. I do not agree with bullfighting. I think that's a barbaric "sport". I see no honor in it.

    We have a coyote and a bobcat problem here. A pack of coyotes will bring down an elephant. I kill them when I can. Several neighborhood pets were eaten by them. It's just a matter of time before they attack and possibly eat a child.

    Bad people need killing also.


    who decides how bad? would that not be opening the flood gates and where do we stop.I agree some crimes are aborant but I would not be happy playing God and deciding who lives or dies
    ed shank

    People who kill out of greed, dope dealers, (including pot dealers) should be put on front of a wall and shot. Save your typing skills for someone who gives a s**t about your attitude toward weed. It's DOPE.

    I think it is OK to kill animals fore food, but not for fun, and never people. (like in IRAK, Lybia, etc.)

    that sad  to kill animals if they do anything could people do that

    I dont believe in killing for sport, even worse, fun. I think its barbaric.

    kill to survive, I see no honour in game fishing, or the murder of anything in the name of "sport" I nearly got run over by the schoolbus recently saving a swamp pheasant that had been hit by a car and left to die on the road, there is also a turtle I save frequently (I know its the same one as he has a cracked shell) I called him lucky, my daughter calls him dumb shit !!

    Depends on whether you are a meat eater? Go green, then you won't and it is given that Jesus fed the people with 5 fishes and 7 fishes, which meant that they had to be caught and since out of water died a "Natural" death of suffocation. The old testament had many animals slaughtered for sacrifice. Lambs were slaughtered to mark the doors when the angels of death visited. None of these spoke of slaughter for sport and entertainment. Therefore yes, It is not okay to kill, either people or animals for sport. Killing for survival stretches the rules. Murder in any form is unacceptable, even if in self-defense which has to be proven to be acceptable.

    It would be wrong to kill for the purpose of killing. Some people do not understand the purpose of deer hunting. Without the permits for this type of a hunt, deer would over populate and starve, along with spreading disease among species. This is a fact.

    You would best educate yourself on these questions by contacting the Field and Game Division in your state. Controlling the population of animals is the only way to preserve their survival. I know it is hard for some to kill an animal, but fortunately the sport of hunting is there to supply hunters with the ability to help and feed their family with their efforts on this matter. It is a necessity. We all want to preserve the future of all animals of the world.


    Well Said.. Hunters eat their kill and its not about the thrill. They don't kill a deer and let it lay. During the particular game seasons our family keeps the freezer full with deer, rabbits, and fish. And the freezer stores get all used up by the next season.

    Lest he without beef .cast thy first bite..


    I don't think this is a religion or morale subject. I don't se why humans shuld not kill other animals for their needs - food mostly - nor am I not against hunting although I am not a hunter or fisher.

    yes !!

    We haft to define what killing is, if someone is killing for the sake of pleasure or an act of selfish for his own greed , than I would call this killing with no conscience! Again if someone kill for a defense purpose or kill for the survival of his family as food , Than I wouldn't call this killing, only a sacrifice in order to sustain life rather and not killing.

    Is it OK to kill but not people

    I say yes it is and their are laws regulating seasonal hunting for food.  Hunting any creature for recreational kill and let lay is imoral AND illeagal, depending on the animal. 

     Years back, I recall those who liked to kill groundhogs at LONG distances with highpower scope equiped rifles.  It had a high WOW factor for the idiots.

    Some human beings should not be permitted to continue a life of freeliving.    Those who, with purpose, distroy the lives of others,  Criminals, dictators and their offspring civil war and ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity.  But WE have designed laws of retrobution which includes kiling humans guilty of these crimes against humanity.  

    None of these laws allow vigilante vengance outside the law.  Although considering some of the crimes vigilanteism has its appeal when 'to right a wrong'  comes to the emotional surface. 



    its ok to kill flies mosquittos and pandas and old people


    what are you on about NO to what you answered


    Old People :)!!!!!.. You will get there and I hope to be around to save you :).

    Ah! I pity your granny and Grand dah! :).

    i am an old person me and my family fought a lot died protecting your but

    origbluethunder quite agree thank god happyboris is no longer with us lets hope a old person got him?her or mosquito bit him or her to bits lol

    tell that to a soldier in combat.

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