Do you know your rising sign?

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    Thanks michmar118.  My rising is Gemini & my best friends tend to be Gemini and Libra.  I love Gemini's.  My sun is Virgo.


    What is your moon sign? Important. Rising Gem is a true Gemini. It's how you feel basically about who you are , yourself. How many different books or other forms of communication do you have going on at any given time?? Several, I venture to say. Libras are cool, but I have found they can vary deeply as far as their demeanor and personality goes. My first love is a Libra and he is as laid back as can be. I've also seen some Libras who are controlling and mean as snakes, but the other two+ signs play heavily.

    michmar118 thanks for the questions & responses.  "Rising Gem is a true Gemini."  I never heard that before.  Re: how many books or other forms of communicatiions do I have going on at any give time.  That's funny to me because last week I had the tv on, the radio, I was on the internet and between the commercials I was practicing some notes on the guitar.  That's crazy, but i try not to multi task to often.  I heard its not the best for humans.  My moon is Leo.  Right now i am just on the internet.

    Yes, it is Scorpio. Sun is Gemini and moon is Cancer. Gemini tries very hard to keep things light. What are yours, Tabber,  or anyone eles's?? Would be interested to know......

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