why can't human live on and on forever


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    13 Answers

    I don't know about the rest of you but I am 2168 years old and still going strong!


    That must be in Canadian years,eh?

    Canadian years are much different than the rest of the world. eh!...That's the first time I have said that...and I didn't even say it out loud.

    We will live longer and longer progressively. There may come a day when a life expectancy in great health could be in the thousands of years. Obviously we have a lot of work before that can be possible. We still have many diseases without cures and unknowns enough to engage hundreds of generations in their study and discovery. We are many nations scattered globally and many languages also. This delays our progress as such solutions take time to bring us all together. There are also many races that have developed uncharted traits and characteristics that may help or hinder or progress to very long life expectancies. Our integration biologically could take tens of thousands of years but eventually we will all be one amalgamated race of people with one language and one religion. This cannot be accomplished by exclusion but by inclusion and the guidance of God. Living a very long time takes a very long time to accomplish.

    i'm going to live forever far so good..


    Ninety years on this ball of dirt would be enough for me.

    First cuple made a mistake and lost life everlasting, but Jesus is now the way to real life eternal.- John 17: 3.!


    No he's not. God is the way.

    Eve is the mother of all living and the root of the tree of life, No pychic abortion



    I think it was Lilith

    Soul is forever. The body does not need to be. We are here to learn. Life is a school and not meant to be forever. We need to make room for the new students being born. 

    We would get in each other's way dontcha think??  I laugh at these people doing the cryogenics thingie.. They are frozen and want to be awaken when a cure for their disease is discovered-- I think that what if this actually works?? 100 years in the future they wake you up, they cure you, your current knowledge of the world is 100 years old, you would be a moron! Not to mention all friends and identifiable family are dead, you would go crazy and wish you were dead..


    You also may wake up to new diseases that your body is not conditioned to so you may get one and die quickly anyway.

    God intended  Earth to be a paradise. Humans would populate the land and live forever. We lost everlasting life on Earth when Adam & Eve sinned. Humans will no longer be born perfect. But, God has given  us a second chance, through his son, Jesus. John 3:16. In God's new system, he will go back to his original plan for those who are a follower of Jesus.

    not convinced i want to,not on this earth certainly

    There would not be any room left on the planet and species including us are supposed to evolve although there is very little evidence of us evolving when you look at the state of the world

    Death is natures way of recyling people.

    Our bodies slow down the production of DHEA the chemical that stops us wearing out so we slowly wear out.Better diet and exercise can improve our life span a little but we can suppliment our DHEA by taking pills Only take one 25 mg every other day otherwise your own natural production will dry up because your body puts a stop to the production of DHEA when it's swamped We can also use ZMA in small quantities to help rebuild what wear we have lost 

    As we get older we fall prey to other diseases that younger people dont usually get This is a complicated sequence of events scientists have not figured out yet

    I also drink pomegranite juice It is extreamely good for health and longliverty

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