Did you really miss me? I won't be offended if you didn't, I can handle the truth.

    I was in the hospital, with Crohn's disease or Diverticulitis, I still need more tests to find out for sure. I've lost 25 lbs which is o.k. , but I lost some muscle as well as fat (which I don't like,). Anyhow I missed all of my aka friends here.


    I also had computer problems, my laptop took a crap and my screen went out on me, and I haven't hooked up the main computer because I moved last week. So sorry I couldn't leave you a message where I was, but it all happened so suddenly. I really missed you all. So I'm back and can't wait to talk with all my good buddies here once again.

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    Hi leeroy I have noticed that every one had got a comment why didnt I !!!

    I always miss you when you are not around. You make me laugh.

    Thank you Darci...

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    ""          Leeroy, I really did miss you my friend. I'm so happy that you're back.  I know that you've been through a lot and I'm sure that you're still going through some things, but we'll pray for you and I hope you the very best my friend.


    Dude, you're awesome, thanks for the balloon! I am truly blessed to have so many friends onle line like you that are just good and caring people. Talk to you soon! God Bless.

    I am glad you are back and I do hope you are feeling better.  Crohn's disease ... let's hope it's not that.  My husband has diverticulitus and it is very manageble.  I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Heal fast and eat things that are very easy to digest. 


    Thanks Fish, I am so stubborn I like to eat things with seeds and that's the worst thing to do, I just think that you should live life and enjoy it and hate to be stuck to a regulated diet. Food is one of the best pleasurable things out there. Thanks for the welcome. I think the yogurt and Metamucil has been working very well for me.

    I have allergies over the moon and so I understand what it is like not to eat things you love. After a while you do get used to it. If I wasn't so tough I would end up in the hospital with some of my reactions but I refuse to let it get the better of me.

    Yeah, allergies are such a pain in the arse, there is a natural cure that works wonders though called NAET, I believe that can cure you of some allergies you may want to look into it online?
    I know what you mean sometimes you just want to eat even though you know there may be consequences later. Stay tough Fishie!

    Thanks leeroy. I take phytoplancton for my envoronmental allergies. I am going to look for poor immune system is broken.

    I'm so sorry for all you've been through but am happy that you're OK and yes, you were missed by a great many, myself included. I sent you an e-mail a while ago but considering your computer crashed, that would be why you never replied. I hope the move is a good one for you and my best wishes that they get things figured out soon so you can get back to full health and get your muscle mass back ;) 

    Welcome back!  It's good to have you "home"! :)




    Colleen you always know just what to say! XOXOX

    Thanks so much Colleen, I always think about you and hope everything in your life is progressing towards success, you are such a valuable and resourceful person, and are just a sweetie pie. I appreciate your great answer and look forward to hanging with you again. I am getting better a little each day, but can't wait til I can start to work out again. Take care and thanks again. P.s. I didn't see the e-mail, but I'll check into it I have a ton of unread ones, so good to talk to you, have a great weekend!

    Hey Leeroy! Good to see you back mate! Hope you're feeling better.I don't know what Crohns disease is but I am very familiar with diverticulitis. It hurts like buggery.Get well soon.


    Thanks bro, I was so f'ed up it was a horrible experience, liquid diet for about a month. Crohn's is just like diverticulitis, but worse.
    Nice to hear from you again too, hope everything is going good with you.

    Hi Leeroy I am so pleased you back we have all missed you so much and glad your on the mend its a hard Crohns to manage, my freinds got it I walked for the charity and have raised a few hundred pounds though they need more, hope you getting better and we will look after you god bless you love ya mel xxxx


    Thanks so much Mel, that's cool that you took the time to raise some money for this debilitating condition! I appreciate your kind words, looking forward to chatting with you soon.

    Chrones is awful! I feel your pain.. Literally PAIN!!!!

     BTW  I read, ' my laptop took a crap on my screen'....  thanks for the laugh.

    Yes I have missed you terribly!!!! I think about you everyday. I have been worried about you. Lots of LOVE!



    Thank you so much Jenn, hope all is well with you and the fam. You have to such a sweetheart don't let those jealous friends and neighbors ruin that, just keep being Jenn and the world will be a better place for that.

    LOL.. I dont have friends.. I have AKA buddies. Everyone else are just people I know.

    My dad past away last week. It was beautiful.. My mom was with him. He did not linger. I have great peace in it.

    Are you still in FLA?

    Lol, you are the best Jenn! xoxo Weird, but I had the feeling about your Dad, but didn't want to ask... I'm sure he's in a much better place. Just be a rock for your Mom now. Sorry to hear about your Dad though, glad to see he didn't linger around moths in pain.

    Wow, yet another person that has had a sudden life change. My thoughts and prayers go out for you.So glad you have returned....hopefully onward and upwards from this point on...sending you love and light


    Hey Mom, thanks so much for the prayers I'm sure they helped! I have a new lease on life now I think and expect to start painting again and doing the things that I haven't for a while. I am involved in a ministry for prison and I joined a Christian Motorcycle Club, also I am the assistant director of a halfway house that I moved into last week. God has used the bad situation to renew my enthusiasm for service I suppose. Nice to hear from you, hope you are doing great.

    Yes Leeroy, I've missed you. I've often wondered why you haven't been asking or answering questions.  ,I for one, am glad  to see you back again. I'm glad you are feeling better. God Bless you, Leeroy. (*~*)


    Thanks CB, good to see you again, GBY2! Can't wait to get some good q and a going with ya'll. I'm dozing here so looking forward to chating with you later! Take care buddy.

    leeroy  you are back!!

    I wondered many times. It sounds like you're doing well. take it easy though ... you've been through a lot.

    i've moved 25 times in my life. moving is difficult - emotionally, physically, artistically, socially ... 

    I keep telling myself i'm going to write or paint or draw. nothing happens. thank goodness i'm not financially dependent on it. i'll be tuned in to "your station" to find out how you're doing.




    Thanks I.M., you should take some of those free community art classes that way it forces you to do it, and you'll get better results with someone motivating you. It's sometimes hard to motivate your self. Great to hear from you!

    Welcome back Leeroy,good too see you,get well soon.


    Thanks a lot Rick, I have been getting my strength back the last few days. Appreciate the encouragement, hope you are doing good. I really did miss all you guys.

    Hello Leeroy,yes we certainly missed you.Sorry to hear of your ill health,so glad you are back on board.Take it easy and we will hear from you soon.


    Thanks PL, hope you are doing good, looking forward to chating with you soon!

    LEEROY i  had no idea what you been through, your pain is our pain , my thoughts and prayers have been with you  and still are i felt like i lost a brother , better yet  i regained a friend, i don't know where to begin to express my sympathy for the troubles your going through, but the great news is their's a light at the end of the tunnel and it's glowing brighter than ever , words can't honestly express how much i and the rest of the aka gang  misses your kind words and wisdom. do the right thing , which i know you will and do what the doctors say and get yourself back into shape, bounce back and smile towards a briliant future .. your buddy yes we missed you more than life.

    Leeroy, it is wonderful to have you back. I was concerned about you, because you just disappeared from this site for so long. I was worried that something happenend to you. and now I know, I was right. I hope you have good medical care  and get you problems under control.Your life sure has changed in such a short while and I hope and pray for the better.Welcome back! you were missed by many people on this site.


    There is a remedy for Diverticulitis. You can try it. It has worked for many people. Buy Grapefruit seed extract. Use a glass of tonic water w. 12 drops of Grapefruit seed extract. Repeat after 6 hours until pain subsides. Then take 6 drops of Grapefruit seed extract w. tonic water every day, or every other day. Make sure you stir well before drinking.

    Thank you soooo much Annie, I really do appreciate it, and will look into the great suggestion, talk to you soon!

    You sound exactly like my dad. He spent 2 years as a prison pastor and rode all through Canada and the U.S. as a ministry as well as in the bike club. I could just reach out and hug you. Please pray for my dad's healing being you are a man of great faith, he is struggling to recover a bad stroke. Miracles happen every day, you already know God has not turned his back on you. I am so proud of you for finding good in this life situation you have been faced with. I love,love,love that you choose to be a survivor rather than accepting the victim role. You will touch so many lives with your love and enthusiasm.I am excited for you. Sending a big huge hug to you and thank you for your love of mankind!


    You know the funny thing is that I never wanted to do mens ministry or prison ministry and God has such a funny sense of humor giving you what you are afraid to do, but it's in his strength not ours so I'm sure I'll do quite well with it.

    You many want to look into the online stroke rehabilitation video's, I'm sure there's something there that would help your Dad's recovery, I'll keep him in my prayers, He sounds like an awesome guy!!! I think one of my talents is encouragement, so I hope I can use it to help out these people who are abandoned by everyone and give them just a glimmer of hope.
    Thanks for the sweet comment, you are one of my favorites here you have such good advice. Keep up the great work look forward to talking to you later. God bless.

    In agreement with everyone else, I, too, have missed your wonderful answers and upbeat presence here and am sad to hear you have battled with Crohn's disease.  Knowing someone who has even undergone surgery because of it, you have certainly not been on a pleasant vacation.
    So, the truth you must handle, Leeroy, is that YES, YOU WERE REALLY MISSED!


    Awesome, and thank you very much!!!

    Good to have you back, Mr brown.


    Hey man, good to hear from you!!! I'm glad to see you are still here, looking forward to talking to all my good friends here (of course including you, lol). I was worried that I would come back here and there would be a completely different crowd, so glad you are here and will talk at you soon!

    Were you

    Glad your back and doing better, missed your comments,I know what you mean about loosing muscle and the older you get the harder it is to get back, good luck with that, I've been off a lot more lately. Hoping to see a lot of your comments.


    Thanks Randy, you're the best. Looking forward to having fun on the site again with all my good aka friends.

    An here all this time, I thought maybe you had finished the MACHINE well maybe now you can, hahaha, WELCOME HOME LEEROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's awesome Bro, your a great guy thanks a lot for the support and compliments, it makes me feel really good. I think I hit bottom and now my whole life is going to be really different and blessed because I've changed insde, mostly I have decided to stop procrastinating things as much. I was just so sick of being beaten up by the adversarry that I knew I really needed a life altering decision and change. It's great to hear from all of you and my health is pretty bad, but I do see that it's slowly getting better.

    I really did miss you guys a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care and God bless, speak to you soon!


    It is very heartwarming to see and feel the tremendous support of all here,...and I'm very glad you, Leeroy, are the recipient of it, 'cause you definitely deserve it!! ;->

    Thank michmar, appreciate the support there are a lot of really good people on this site, yourself included. Take care.

    thank you Leeroy I was feeling left out on the comments got alot going on at the moment as you say when you get time and I get time we muct catch up love ya mel xxx

    Sounds good Mel, I just erased about 1,500 unread notifications and am just saving comments and answered questions. I have about 300 of those, sorry if it took me a while to get back to you...


    Great to see ya back bro.

    Wondered what happened to you. Hope all is well.


    Glad to see you still here, I may have to ignore your answers for a while because it still hurts when I laugh and you usually crack me up, talk at you soon...

    I'll try to tone it down. ;)

    Actually, yes. Have liked many of your answers..........So sorry for all your troubles, but you sound like a strong man and are still truckin'. Glad you're back!


    Michmar you rock, and have some really great answers I've noticed, thank you for the support.

    Leeroy, Leeroy, Leeroy ..... I did miss you a bunch. I even commented with my wife about you and told her that we ( in this forum ) get close to each other somewhat that when one goes MIA we worried 'cause we would never know if the  person is gone as a "goner" and we'll never know it. I didn't think that about you but it did cross my mind in general. Anyway bro, I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE BACK WITH US AND SOMEWHAT YOU ARE ALRIGHT. I have grown to love you for your comments, answers and all the help you always trying to give us all with it. I respect you a lot Leeroy and value your comments. God bless you Leeroy and now please go back to work and give us what you always do best ..... yourself  through your answers. Glad you're back brother, and I mean it.


    What a great answer, made me a little teary eyed, thanks so much and I really appreciate the prayer, God bless you too.

    Really heartfelt answer...

    I haven't seen much of you on here lately, still not doing well?


    leeroy is on the move,he said he is moving to AZ after he's spends a month or two in Hawaii,then he will probably move back to CA.He said he hates Florida and he has to get out of there.So he may not be on here for a bit.
    Headless Man

    Thanks, I was afraid he still wasn't well.

    Thanks Rick and Randy, yeah I just got the internet and satellite hooked up at my new place in AZ, goodbye FL. Good to hear from you my health is mush better lately, minus the usual back problems. I'll be heading back out to Cali and Hawaii soon, but will bring my lap top to stay in touch. Hope you have a great Christmas!!!
    Headless Man

    A traveling man I see, Marry Christmas to you also.

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