why do women miss their periods

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    Clonge Ever see a white Dachshund? How about a red one?
    Clonge Ever see a white Dachshund? How about a red one?
    Clonge Ever see a white Dachshund? How about a red one?

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    Pregnant, underweight, too low of a fat to muscle ratio or menopause 

    Can you say, "H-Y-S-T-E-R-E-C-T-O-M-Y"? I don't miss those evil periods at all!

    I stopped them years ago and haven't missed them on little bit...........

    I don't miss mine at all the three weeks she is on vacation.

    Stress, pregnancy,other health issues.. see your Dr. if you are concerned.

    Stress, menopause, thyroid, pregnancy, hormone swings, sometimes cancer(heaven forbid) can be reasons for missing a period

    Many women don't miss their periods any more than  a man would miss a fashion show for   clowns.
    ...........and you thought I was going to talk about pregnancy and stuff like that, didn't you.

    country bumpkin

    How was the concert?

    :D It was fun! The new singer for Journey is of Phillipine descent and he was putting his heart and soul into the music. The keyboardist had a solo that was hypnotizing.
    Foreigner was in top form. Their versatile guy played sax during "URGENT" and that was absolutely THE high point of the evening. It was incredible. AWESOME
    However, I did spend some time playing a game on my sister's cell phone. Yikes.
    Thanks for asking, country bumpkin!

    I made that up. I wouldn't go to a fashion show for clowns, although it might be a hoot.
    ....or did you mean the concert?

    Pregnancy is the main cause of that.There is a lot of it going around.

    this all depends on your age I would susjest seeing a doctor

    Because they are pregnant.

    Answer :Because it reminds them of their younger days. Question: What do you mean by that?

    Don't miss them greatest thing in the world to not have them anymore.

    Well it's been 15 days since your question was originally posted....hope you didn't have to find out the hard way why women miss their periods if you were concerned for yourself or a "friend". All of the previous answers you were given were really good ones and all quite accurate!....(:

    tewe,  if you  are serious     look  at the serious   answers   Watch out for this guy. He's a PERV!

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