What is your major stresser lately?

    Wow.. I have had a stressfull couple of weeks. Death, birth (not mine), finiances, family... But I think that my house being a mess is what is really driving me crazy... Sounds petty doesnt it.

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    I know exactly how you feel.

    I bought a load of shelving and I am turning a spare room in my basement as a storage locker...organizing, labeling the works.  What we don't need is being donated. 

    We live in a century home that is being renovated...chaos.  I run my business out of my home...more chaos and we have a very active 2 year old.  The only thing to do is simplify.

    ...and then I have to go outside and sort out that mess!  It's never ending.

    Good Luck.  If you discover any tips along the way please share.  I need all the help that  I can get as well.

    xo FG


    Every morning clean my kittchen sink... If I can have just a clean kitcken sonk i feel there is a little at the end of the tunnle..... the VERY long tunnel

    I have to have a clean kitchen when I wake up. I am a bit of a nut about this and my bathrooms have to be clean... there is just no time to sleep.

    fish girl I have answered jenn look at the answer you might get some thing from it! xxx

    There's an entire philosophy based around having a clean kitchen sink. I used to subscribe to The Fly Lady. I guess if you get the sink clean, you just keep going.

    My house is what is bothering me too. It always is. My bedroom drawers are disorganized. I was going to describe what I do but it just sounds nuts. What I should do is go very very soon and tackle the job.

    work or should i say lack of it. between that and the econemy things are getting quite scary i've been self employed for the last 30 years (trucking) and never have things been so tough,my wife and i have money put away but how long will it last when your chipping away at your lifes savings. i like to  to be optimistic , but you got to be realistic..


    I totally understand. We'll make it. I bought a couple of packs of Top Ramen the other day. I haven't done that since the early days of marriage. I haven't used it -- but who knows.

    Someone asked if Top Ramen was a Ghetto food. I suppose it is.

    My electric/water bill is stressing me...nearly $800 dollars, I'm a month and a half behind....


    Me too... If I dissapire you will know my elec was cut off. But it is not nearly 800 a month... you poor thing.

    I'm confused. How much is it for one month? Do you live where it's very hot or cold? (We still need air conditioning in California) Do you live in a large house?

    We could all disappear together if our electricity was cut off.

    Hi Jenn: You've have alot to deal with lately.  You will have the house in order in no time, barring unforseen circumstances (get the hubby to take the kids out of town for the weekend, unplug the phone).
    My stresses  are varied...son in jail, other son & his family, no job, losing the close relationship shared with a friend are  things that bother me, for starters. 
    It seems that when I keep in touch with God's word, life seems more calm.  I have been avoiding the Bible lately; my life is way more empty when I push God's love away. 


    Nope I am not cleaning this house by myself.. The little monkeys are the ones that destroyed it... LOL

    uh oh! monkey business. lotsa luck. :D

    Hi Jenn you have had a lot going on this month so dont worry about I get stressed if the house is a mess then I think I have a touch of OCD its the way I arrange things in cuboards plates have to be large at the bottom and small on the top and the cat bowls all have to be stacked in different colours never ever the same colour together the towels always have to be neat I watched Sleeping With The Enermy I had gasped and thought to my selve thats me you really dont want to end up like me on that note I have been stressed as you know with my cat Harvey and again I think thats alot to do with not haveing control anyway back to your house start at the top and work down and always make a to do list as when you have compleated one job you put a tick next to it dont do it in one day but leave this list out every day and say I am going to do one of these jobs and you will feel better good luck


    LOL... I stole my daughters dry earase board a couple of weeks ago to help me stay on task... It helps alot. OCD is not all bad. I used to be terrible about it. Untill I started having seizure and I think it shut donw the nerotic part of my brain, as well as the part that understands math...
    But then agian depression mine play a part in the messy house... Hmmmmmm..... With all that OCD you should come help me clean!!!! LOL

    Jenn I would love to come and get you on track I am a Interior Designer and when the cliants are out and I am doing one room in redesigning it and if there is time I do another one as I cant help my selve its a compulsion I love it the neighbours when they go a way I some times look after thier animals and they come back to different rooms they love it thank God as I will find my selve in trouble one day! hee I do watch those programs on the tele getting rid of all the junk its great and I would like to say I do have junk its in the garage and I cant move I will have a carboot sale next year thank you for the comment xxxx

    Mel... I am the opposite of that...I get an idea then I start moving in that direction. I have art projects everywhere. I finish them but I tend to carry them around with me wherever I go. I have been working on closed form egg shaped objects that have intricate carvings on them and so little bits of clay end up all over the house. I am like Pigpen in Charlie Brown. I think the solution to my problem is to build another building outside, move both studios out there and work regular just to have the money to do that...

    fish girl sounds good in having projects I love having projects the problem is as you say that it getys carried around the house good idea having a barn and then it be a work project wish I had land to build thanks for the comment xxx

    Having a messy house just indicates your life is out of order or in disarray. I hope things cam down for you Jenn.


    I am going to burn this sucker down if I cant get it together this weekend..... Noe that i said that watch my house burn down and the investigater think I did it... LOL

    lol...things will get better, I know it's easy to say for the one on the outside but life always does somehow.

    Jenn ~ If I don't get that dresser organized, I'm going to take it in the back yard and set in to blazes ~ maybe I'll set the house on fire too.
    I'm heading down toward melandrupert's answer. I have hope.

    My major stress lately has been my computer. I took it to the Mac shop. They don't let you make an appointment over the phone. You have to do it online. Unfortunately, they LOST my appointment date. I didn't get one of the "genius" techs. I got a sweet guy who works on the floor. He checked it over and said there wasn't a thing wrong with it.

    Well, there were a million people in the store. There were all these great electronic noises and  all these new and interesting things to look at.  I kinda lost my mind and couldn't tell him what my troubles were. (I was totally distracted and just a tiny bit in love?)

    Here I am back and unable to send e-mail!

    With my luck, I'll probably get tennis elbow and I don't even play tennis.  ARGHHHHHHH!

    Day to day living, for me.

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