my baby girl is a true blessing to me and the daddy:) every moment with her is amazing and fills our hearts with joy

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    Oh my gosh! She is gorgeous!

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    It just gets better.  I am so very happy for you all.  Your daughter is beautiful.  

    Thank you for sharing your joy.


    thank you:) she is my everything and your welcome

    I know how you feel we have two 1 girl 1 boy better than sliced bread


    :) its an amazing feeling

    She is beautiful. You are very lucky Parents. God bless.


    thank you very much :)

     Baby Girl A Big Thank you for sharing your baby with us if she were a chocolate I could eat her you and Hubby are blessed to have her


    Thank you and bless you.

    Is she letting you sleep??  ; )  Congrats again! 


    yes she sleeps through the night sometimes but even if she wakes up its like twice a night shes a very good baby:)smiles all the time espeacially at her daddy:)

    Do you ever find yourself waking up at night if she hasn't cried thinking she's been quiet for too long? I use to be like that with a baby girl I fostered. She slept through the night too but I would wake up just to check her because it just seemed to me that babies should not sleep so long.

    lol sometimes but her crib is right beside our bed so i can like hear her making little baby noises while she sleep its adorible

    OK, next to your bed does makes it easier. It will be a long time before you can ever sleep soundly again. At least you can get some sleep though. I hope she continues to be a good night sleeper for you :)

    it does make it a whole lot easier . i will probably never sleep like i use to but id much rather watch her grow up then sleep away:)

    Great, babies need a father, just saw "Courageous" a great family Movie, recommend it for you.

    Headless Man

    I didn't mean for this sound like I was putting you down or anything, just think you and daddy would enjoy it and be inspired.

    dont worry i know you werent being rude:)
    Headless Man


    ill watch it:)
    Headless Man

    It's a movie not a show, sorry
    Edited it.....

     Baby Pooping  nevaeh2222                              For the adoring parents.

    A little girl from up above,   Is sent from Heaven for you both to Love,

     Crawling Baby So cherish all early years, And raise a glass to all the cheers.             

                                          Congrats on getting  your fabulous New Job,!

    HOURS,                 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No time off for week ends or holidays.

    Duties,                  Total responsibility for another Human Being, ( What e beautiful baby Girl)

    Qualifications,     Patience and more Patients,           Salery:: None.

    Budget,               On spending, At least 30,000 Dollars a year, for next 18 years.



    I know how you feel,one of the deepest loves you can imagine.

                         All the best

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