what do you do if you like someone but you think they dont like you

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    Your life will unfold as it is supposed to unfold.  Take a breath and just enjoy your life.  People come and people go ... it actually is OK.

    Be brave and ask them if they like you or ask a friend to ask them. 

    Walk away.Leave well enough alone.

    You can stand back and wait for the answer or else suck it up and ask.....

    Just go on and stop thinking about it. If its meant to be, it will be.

    why let someone in your head they dont own your property do they!

    Don't ask.  "Liking" someone for dating is way different than liking someone who is a friend (and be advised, friends you keep - lovers you lose).
    Liking someone and keeping that information to yourself (because if you tell anyone, it will be around town faster than a hummingbird flaps its wings) is called "having a crush", 
    Enjoy it, fantasize about it a little bit, and keep your head out of the clouds.  Be realistic.  If the person likes you, it will become apparent sooner or later.  He/She will ask you to spend time together (even in a group) when the time is right. 

    I actually know a couple who NEVER dated, but were often in group activities together.  One day, after 3-4 years (and these people are early to mid-20s), the guy asked the woman to marry him.  Yep.  Never been on a date; never kissed or even held hands.  She said "YES" and they are very happily married today. 

    Continue to be a decent person. Don't call attention to yourself by acting up and being stupid. Do your best and don't gossip.  Don't laugh at people who are being picked on, and be respectful to your parents and friends. 
    If this person doesn't like THAT person, you don't need him? her?  !!!!!

    Try being in this persons company a bit more and see what unfolds.Who knows, they might end up liking you,and you may end up not liking them.Stranger things have happened.

    You say you think he doesn't like you - wait and see but do not anguish over it - he'll let you know if he likes you sooner or later but do not dwell on this too much.

    Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand if we like someone that they do not seem to like us - this is the way it - it is what it is.

    they arent worth it

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