If black women are so beautiful, why don't you see them in art?

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    SINCE black women are so beautiful, why don't you see them in art?
    The answers below indicate that you DO.

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    You've come up with the goods again Collen.TUs

    I kinda like this too.. :shiftyeyes: :) Some of those are hot!! Got more???

    Pastor Tom, You're not the brightest pastor I have encountered.  You need to get out more often and quit living under a rock.  You seem more like a brainless racist than a man of God.


    I don't look at art as a habit but I've seen plenty.

    Pastor I knew a very good man by the name of Pastor Tom ...

    I have also seen many wonderful paintings of women of other colours than my pasty self.  Walk through the Muse'e de Louvre and ask this question again.... oh forget about won't have to ask.

    Please think about the wording of your are half a degree from appearing offensive.


    Oh shoot! You are offensive!

    Good for you, fish....

    whoever you are your the biggest idiot ever!!!!!!! ignorant

    ARE YOU KIDDING? Surely you type in jest....You can't be serious............How stupid.......

    You narrow minded ignoramous! Are you blind as well as ignorant?


    Did you mean to give this question a thumbs up?

    No.Can I take it back?

    Yes, just unclick it.


    Who in the world said they are not seen in Art which would be lacking without their beauty. I have many statuettes Masai women with their families and I am sure the impressionist and other artists have painted them many e.g.. Gauguin. Just look around and you will see many beutiful black women. 

    ""Here's one

    I think Pastor Tom was just wanting to see some beautiful black women and now you done him a

    My Mother is a well known artist here in Paris TX and the local areas.  Most of her art is of Black Men, women, and children.  It reminds her of her childhood.  Her paintings are showcased in several local hospitals and law offices to name a few.  She is also illustrating a children's book for a fellow artist.  There are many paintings of people of color.  You just have to open your eyes.  By the way, My Mom and I are Caucasian as are my children.  I do have a grandchild of mixed races and she has the most beautiful skin and eyes I have ever seen.  Yvonne57

    Pastor Tom,

    May I present to you......Nia Long!



    Thats what am talking about...thank Alot 4 this pic changmai.Goodness with black beauty,you dont look once.The racists against black pipo know this thats why they are so mad @us trying to brainwash us that black ar'nt cute...but we this men!!!!!

    Let us all forgive this could be ,He is not that exposed or should we blame his up bring?

    On A Racial Note,Look closely at your skin,you will not even be sure if really you are Yellow,White or otherwise.The colours are just the decoration of the creator,like green birds,brown,yellow etc.So if we say you are white for example,it does not mean that even up in your head you are white....Nahhh...Infact if you and myself have the same blood type & you had an accident & needed alittle bit of my blood,you will not even question my skin colour.In short,implied racial comments are stupid & unnecessary...Thank You.This Pastor needs alot of prayers pipo..........

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