Hi Everyone...I could use some help. What type of colours in pottery do you enjoy the most in your kitchen?

    What do you like?  What colours appeal to you?  I am really interested in the audience's opinion.  Thanks, Fish xo

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    As much as i love pottery,i don't have it in my kitchen but if i did, i would go for the mexican colours,reds,yellows,orange and blue.


    Taste is so interesting. Thank you.
    You have helped me tremedously.

    I love the mexican pottery and the colors are so pretty.

    It's so much fun to look at the wonderful things potters throw and paint.  In my kitchen, I like bright, cheery, high gloss, color-crayon colors.  (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple). 
    But I also like the subdued light blue with stone gray and brown, white accents.  Having a design that is carried throughout the pieces is cool, too.


    Thanks Bob. These answers are so useful, not to mention ... interesting. I can't believe I didn't get the canoe riddle right...shocked, I am.

    Vinny ... it's ok to answer this one!  Put your two cents in.

    In my kitchen? I love all kind of colors on pottery but here at home, I think forest greens would work best, a combo of them.....


    May I suggest you try throwing wine goblets? They look interesting and sell well.... You can make them all kinds of colors. Think about it, people would leave them out to show them off....

    I have been working on goblets... aurgh! They are fiddly. I need to get a set out for next Monday...and you are correct they are big sellers.
    How are you and James doing today?

    He is having stomach cramps but it's probably something he ate. I'm doing great, it rained this past weekend (1 1/2") and it's cool right now. I want a set of goblets, the cost plus shipping?

    Hi Julie;
    I hope it's just something he ate.
    I am sure that I am not supposed to be selling things on this site...
    When my web site is up and running I will give you the info and you can see if you actually like my work. Goblets run about $22.00 each.

    The fashion colour in Interioirs is Greys dark and light hue I dont have any pottery in the kitchen I love the stainless steel look but if I lived in a country kitchen it would have to be coltblue and white this never ever goes out of fashion and if I lived in hot climate I would go for terricotta and deep reds and bright orange


    Great feedback Mel.
    I hope things are going well with you guys.

    thanks Fish girl its slow and its a waiting game thank you for asking xx

    The only things I have in pottery are my three cooking pots, and they are a pottery colour, tinged with black from the cooker.


    The distressed well used look. I love it!

    fish girl, I love the distressed look also . I have a cabinet that looks like it has been through the ringer, everybody says paint it but I say no it"s great.

    I go to extremes, either the natural rich earthy colour of terracotta, or, depending on what colours you have a couple of really outstanding statement pieces,often with a few colours, but I always love texture and often prefer handmade pottery to that  of very uniform wheel pottery. But if you love it, theres no such thing as a bad piece, I made a jug once and was very proud until I filled it up, more like a fountain and poured out in several places, still love it and still have it...not terribly useful tho


    Thank you... I am a potter and my work is a combination of hand building and throwing. Your feed back is wonderful.
    Next time you make a jug run your fingers back and forth along the bottom in order to condense the clay. No more cracks.
    A very good friend of mine went over to another friend's house and brought with her the most beautiful vase as a present...with flowers from her garden. When the friend filled the vase up with water the water fountained everywhere. The husband of the recipient acted quickly... grabbed the vase and applied a double componet epoxy resin to the bottom of the vase. So cute. The vase now sits in a place of honor.

    The colors that turn me on turn my wife off, and as she's the boss we have none in our kitchen. A pale yellow with a pale green I find so pleasing to the eye and, in sharp contrast, a red with dark blue excites me. Delft blue on white is another favorite of mine. 

    Let me know when you can ship them. For payment I prefer Pay-Pal.


    That's a smile! I like your colour combinations as well...this is a quest of the honey pot and so I am taking everyone's advise. Thanks for your input.

    Blue with a little orange.


    I tried a combination like that last night...I will find out how it works tomrrow morning. Exciting. Thanks Maz.

    I love dark blue red yellow anything bright.


    Nice combination. Thanks, I am a fan of bright colours as well.

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    Thanks flange...nice!

    I like plates with plants I've just bought some recently www.price&  Country Fruits range

    Good  morning Fishgirl. This (*~*) is my own unique smiley face. (cheeks), *eyes*, and a mouth or nose~, I'm not sure.

    country bumpkin

    I just saw where I got a thumbs up for this answer above. It wasn't meant to be posted as an answer to receive TU"s. I only wanted it to show up on your screen, so you would see that I answered the question that you asked of me. (*~*)

    I have thousands of thumbs ... I give them away for enthusiasm as well as brilliance and sometimes just because ... because!
    I can't find the squiggle....oh I have just changed my glasses and Voila! (*~*) cute!
    BHF ...(that's Big Hug,Fish)
    Have a grand day ... I am off to the show .....

    I like plates with plants I've just bought some recently www.price&  Country Fruits range

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