Curious, How many of you have Pets you Love and take care of daily?

    Just trying to get an idea how many QA people , do or do not have pets.   DO NOT count your spouses as pets for this Question.  Yes I truley  LOVE my spouse.

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    Pets ?.......My word i have pets,i have a female black Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Gypsy.2 Chihuahuas named Bambi and Tia.3 cats named Lucky,Brutus and Mishka.2 Pythons named Big Boy and Tiny Dancer,a Mexican fighting fish and 2 pairs of grass parrots.I have a happy little family.

    country bumpkin

    Happy little family? More like a zoo. You should charge people to come see all your animals. LOL (*~*)

    we do a have the coolest cat on the planet.."peaches" my wife and i never had kids , so we treat him like royality. god is awesome to give us such creatures..

    country bumpkin

    I don't personally know you but I get the impression you would have been a great dad because of your sense of humor.

    Peaches has probably spoiled you two, or you and your wife have spoiled Peaches...............Enjoy your family!

    Yes, love them both.....GS and Cocker.



    Would love to see them.
    Headless Man

    Changed the photo from a .jpg to a .gif and it uploaded....?
    country bumpkin

    What a handsome looking couple of guys.
    Headless Man
    country bumpkin

    Oh well Randy, I had a 50-50 shot at guessing it correctly. LOL

    I do. I have 2 dogs(long miniature daschunds) that I love more than anything I own. I would give up everything for my Bella and Lexi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I have an 85 lb. dog (David Jean) and a 15 lb. cat (Worthless). Worthless rules....

    country bumpkin

    Is your dog a Great Dane? I love Great Danes.

    No, he's lab mix, we got him from the pound. He's a good dog and doesn't eat the cat...

    So funny doesn't eat the cat. I have a cat called BO BO he looks like Hitler black and white with a black mustache - everyone outside used to call him Hitler before he came here had to change this Beau being beautiful in French and that is so how he is.

    Two Cats, Sinbad and Wilma. They both rule the household, and we love them to bits.



    I know what you mean about ruling the household.

    You wouidn't have any other way "right"

    Thats true.

    I have an old Basset Hound named Sadie and a  20 pound nuetered cat named Jack..

    They both keep me company. They both come to greet me when I get home and they tell me about their day. I swear i spend more money on treats for them then I do food for me. They are well worth it.

    I am just crazy about animals just love them so much - I seem to have such an affinitety with both.

    I have three cats one really lives around the corner but stays here for three months did all the searches until a guy knocked on my door as he was upstairs on the widowsill and asked me did I realize he was his cat - turns out he and his family have two cats and two kittens when the kittens arrived  he just took off the guy doesn't mind and I am sure he sneaks back there now and then    - the other two are strays and in fact all my cats have been strays I had a lovely Manchester Terrier once who belonged to a lady who died - all adorable of course not just a one way street they give me such unconditional love. Would love to live on a farm and have lots and lots of animals.  

    country bumpkin

    I totally agree with you.


    <------------<   Max

    Yes we have a cat called Purdy


    Such an apt name and what a lovely sound that purr..

    Katmando the cat, Buck  a rooster, Mohamid rooster #2, and 25 hens, 5 squirrels, a heard of deer, 10 pigons, and a zoo of night critters. 


    robertgrist just knew you would have a rooster you rooster. Great name Katmando.

    robertgrist just knew you would have a rooster you rooster. Great name Katmando. Sorry this came up twice - I should be more patient.
    country bumpkin

    Sounds like a lot of fun.

    I have 4 cats now Harvey you know about henry as also visited this site Oscar is my profile and Phoebe is 5 moths old love all animals

    My cat Rombo. He could out-fox any fox anyday. No joking!

    So far only animal lovers  reply..........................others must be jealous?

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