do you think this site is for real???

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    This site is for real. It has real volunteers answering real questions about real issues. We help a lot of people every day here. Many people appreciate our efforts to help. Is that real enough for you?

    Maybe it's a figment of your imagination

    if it were not ..i woudn't be here.

    Yep......... it is real,if your in doubt,join us and see for your self.

    NO, It is not real it is an illusion.

    It's real.  It works (sometimes slowly)...have fun.

    It is the Twilight Zone and you are conversing with a convention of aliens.

    this site is for real. sometimes people will come here and say things that shouldn't be said.

    if you run into someone like that ... THEY'RE NOT REAL.  

    ok. have fun here. have we convinced you?

    Yes its genuine and best of all, its free. As a member you will answer a rich variety of interesting and sometimes complex questions reflecting todays modern and demanding world. 

    I am typing here - I am real therefore this site must be. 

    YEP 100%.

    Why would you even think that it's not?

    Yeah it is as real as its users.

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