When a person who helps changes a suplimentry last will intestiment should that person be lawyer? I also beleive that my rights were violated. In the up dated last will this person told my mother to add this: that when my new trustee who will take over should put aside some money to invest told them that I wasn't suppose to see it, look at it ande smell it. Was this in violation of my rights?? also this person hated my guts so badly that she refuses to discuss the matter. Next year my in hea

    This person who was my first trustee made life missarable for me.  The house went up for sale during easter week and it was sold with in 4-5 days she wanted me out real badly.

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    If you believe there has been misconduct there is a remedy . If the trustee was a lawyer there is the bar to complain to about judicial mis conduct . If the trustee violated the responsibilities of Trustee You have grounds for legal action .People tend to rattle on when talking to attorneys thus sounding like idiots . If you have legal aid go there and see some one . My advice is to say little ,present your papers list your complaints simply with a time line . Ask is this correct ? Were all responsibilities by the trustee followed to the letter of the law and the will. Nothing said here matters unless it is from the mouth of one lic. to practice law. You must get good answers and get them soon from one versed in wills and estate matters . So what if the house sold fast and at a inconvenient time for you   it still took time for the closing and if you lived there by law you had time to get out thats in the rules and the law . Fair is a bunch of wishful thinking all that matters is LEGAL  and thats not on the same planet with FAIR.  Educate Yourself  And Learn Your Rights 


    You've been giving some great advice on the forum Bluesman, I for one would like to thank you.

    I really think you have a good case but you must have proof of everything if you can get witnesses all the better remember in Law a peice of paper isnt worth the words its written on well that does apply in the British system good luck

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