Do any of you still read books?

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    Good question Mr. Den !!!

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    Knowledge   has " POWER'


    For a very well-informed guy, I cannot believe you assigned you that picture. Is it true that they allocated pictures based on intelligence?

    Just kidding, Den. Relax. I am just messing with you because it's getting late in Hawaii and the only people that are up are BOB/BKB and me.

    Right now, I read a lot of text books and books about art.  And art and then some more art... art times infinity.    ...I am also trying to make every single thing I love to eat gluten free.  Cooking is science.

    yeah I still do.paperbacks mainly,John Grisham,Steven Coonts,that kind of thing.


    do you mean my favorite dean koontz. and then there's steven king. just curious.

    Yeah I meant Dean.LOL

    ....and MY favorite, John Grisham!

    Yes I like historical romance  Like knights and maidens

    I have ALWAYS loved to read and I still do now. I still buy novels and magazines.  Plus I have to read books for my classes that I'm taking. When I was a teen and didn't have money to buy magazines, I used to read encyclopedias. I LOVE TO READ !!!!


    YES!!! You're a brother.....

    Right on !! michmart I am and very proud to be. How about you? I just finished a good novel earlier.

    What did you read? Interested. Went to Ireland last fall w/hubby for the 1st time and so I've been consumed with books, true and fictitious, and usually a hybrid of, concerning Ireland and also, Scotland and lastly, England. What started my epilogue of these kinds of books was a B&B we stayed at in Cavan, Republic (southern) of Ireland near the border of Northern Ireland, The owner and hostess had a few bookcases of books of which she offered one or two to her guests. Well, of course I was thrilled! I chose two, one being an autobiography of Dublin girl in the late fifties/early sixties in the voice and brogue of a young, poor, bastard Irish child. Very sad and fascinating at the same time!! It is titled "Ma, He Sold Me For A Few Cigarettes", by Martha Long. I've read others, as well, but enough for now. Tell me what you like.

    Have always loved to read.......Usually have two, and sometimes three books that I'm reading at any given time. One at work for reading at lunchtime and one or two at home.  You can go anywhere within a good book!


    or a lap top ... : D

    or a lap top ... : D

    armchair adventures!

    yes - love a good book

    I do not read as much as used to.....   Internet and other means have slowed me down on that.

    Sometimes progress is not always that postive......

    honestly..not as much as i should.

    I love to read books, plus I am writing them too. Not published yet.


    Very cool!

    Absolutely!!! I love to read books, I love to smell books, I love to take notes about what I read in them, I love the way they look so neat lined up in a shelf, I love to pull them out of my handbag, open them up and go wherever they want to take me.

    Sure, I read excerpts from books online all the time

    yes all the time mainley at night as there is never any good on the telivision


    sitting up in bed all cozy with a good book. the only thing about that is looking up to see its very very late!

    you can say that again but I do read when the tele is on as there is never anything good on so thats when I normally read thanks for the comment xxx

    Stephen King fan, i have all of his novels and have read 90% of these, a great writer. At least i'll have something to read when i retire.


    try dean koontz! you'll like his writing. he doesn't use humor as much as king ... but he's just as scary. really.

    I agree with you itsme, i also have ten hard backs of DEAN KOONTZ and nine hard backs of RICHARD LAYMON, in have a lot of reading to do, plus various soft backs of these authors.I have also hard cover books on THE BEATLES, STONES, ERIC CLAPTON, ACDC, RICHARD BRANSON and a faulous book i bought in the U.S. in 1980 of the building of Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.

    I love escaping in a good read. I have quite the collection of my favorites..Pat Conroy, Harper lee, oh, The Thornbirds, I could go on and on.......

    Whenever I get a chance. Much better than TV.

    I have hardback, jonathan franzen novels.  i've heard he such a good writer and i'm sure he is because i've read the first four pages of his novel, corrections, about ffive times. excellent. each paragraph is poetry ... maybe it's a little too thick for me. Maybe his words are too elaborate and too long ... something just doesn't work. 

    i'm not a reader anymore. i'm a tv type person. 

    Reading is for everyone.  It has been a refuge for me.
    Yes, reading a book is still something enjoyable and realistic for me to do.  The whole Harry Potter series (don't laugh), John Grisham, Ann Rule, Sidney Sheldon, James Patterson, to name a few.  There are several books on the shelf calling to me now.
    In the past, it was not unusual to find me on the couch ALL DAY reading a book.  My ex-husband would tell the boys that Mom was busy reading and they should ask him for anything they needed that whole day.  Bless his two-timing heart.

    i read any thing that catches my fancy. i love to read and hate to be bothered while im at it.

    Mr Den, I wonder if you are referring to electronic devices such as Kindle versus books? I don't have one but I suppose they have many advantages over books which are heavy, need space for storage, tend not to be returned if lent, etc, etc.

    I have just convinced myself to buy a Kindle.


    Nomdeplume, Either way. Glad to know there still is many reading. I have pondered about a kindle or such myself.

    I m  glad there is still a lot of book readers

    I am an avid eclectical reader and I love to have my books read or waiting for me to read them. The line is long I am sure some of them I will never read. After discovering akaQA I read much less, reason for which I will quit soon.

    I truly love to read especially biographies and autobiographies, mystery, suspense, etc.

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