why did we have to be borned?????.

    i want to go back to mommy stomach like my friend said Alex in my class.

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    Happy birthday just a little early . The world is a scary place and wanting to hide is perhaps understandable . We are all in this together big and small young and old . Listening to too much news is not a good idea at your age . Childhood is a time to take in the guidance and wisdom of  elders . Once childhood is gone then its being an adult till the end . Enjoy your young time and know its  always going to be full of good memories. Grow up well and happy and don't be in a big hurry to be an adult. I hope you have a good day  tomorrow, enjoy the day .   Bill

    If I write like you do, I'd want to question the relevance of my birth too.

    God created you as His master peace, now you have the free will to be all you can be and that don't mean to be rich or well off just happy in what you do and do it for God.

    You're going to be 12 tomorrow. Time to stop acting and talking like you are 5. 

    "" Don't worry about going back to your moms tummy,it is too boring there.


    thanks pytonlover your the best no one as every done something this nice for me thank you aroshh.

    pytonlover how do u send things like this.

    It is called copy and paste,sorry Aroshh i am just about ready for bed and i really don't feel like explaining how it is done.Maybe another time.

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!! I hope this day is special and that you are surrounded by friends and family . Have some cake for me . One thing you may not have thought of just yet. 365 days from now you will be a TEENAGER !!!!!! Much to the dismay of your parents . LOL !!!!!!!!!! Depending on your state in four years you will be driving . This will make your parents hair turn grey . The next years are going to be exciting and full of adventure . May your journey go well ,stay safe and enjoy the adventure !!!

    Here you have an opportunity to demonstrate how much you have learned as a child of Creation and apply your skills to what you love to do the most as you grow into adulthood. Think about it. What has been you happiest times? What were you doing? Think about it.  

    I asked so that I could understand humanity better through personal experience here. To me it seemed that much of humanity was insane. The best way I know to understand what I have not experienced is to become the subject of one’s study and understand from within the intricacies of such conditional states of being. My parental grandmother told me “idleness is the devil’s play ground.” I now see the wisdom of that even though it is simply symptomatic of a now recognised problem..low serotonin in the brain. Boredom results and from there all the insanity of the world is born.

    we were"t asked to be borned were u????

    Headless Man

    No, it was Gods plan.

    thanks i already know that 8 is god"s favorite number

    thanks Bill im 12. today

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