What in your opinion is "God's image"?

    According to some beliefs, man was created in God's image. I'm curious to know what you think God's image is. There is no right or wrong answer. This is all opinion and how each person "sees" God. 

    My opinion is, the creator has no form. IT is  a force of light, love and positive energy that keeps the universe together. If one could see love as a shape, then that is what God/IT/Creator would look like.  So to be made in IT's image means to be made of love that we should be sharing to all. 

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    I believe that when God created all things, He created man with the breath of life(the Holy Spirit) . When Adam and Eve sinned, the breath of life became clouded, but Christ' sacrifice has restored that image again.

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    G*D has no body, no gender, no form. G*D is Eternal Infinite - Ein Sof. We are a soul, we do not Have a soul. One of the attributes of G*D is that of Creator, it is in this image we are formed. We create, build, design, experiment, invent, thus an image of G*D.

    I have heard that God made me in His own image.  That must make HIM very good looking.



    Then it must be true...Swoon.

    Amen, fish girl

    God is spirit. He exists outside of time and space and is infinite, which means he has no beginning and no end, He has given man immortal soul and a body to house the soul. the soul he has given us , full of love, kindness and compassion for all inhabitants of this earth is Gods likeness. in a spiritual way. Man is finite, that means he has a beginning and end, except for the soul, who is immortal.

    The soul is God's image.......


    I am with Randy on this one...The soul.  That is our connection to God and his Universe ... How God sees us, made in his image...

    The communication happens there, here, inside our souls.

    The outside skin is so we don't fall apart.  Otherwise, we might bump into each other all the time...there  would be no edges....."  Hi Colleen....Whoops! I think you have my arm and I have your leg....tradesies!" and "Hey!  Give me back my ear!"..."Oh my goodness...I nearly walked off with your nose."


    I agree, the body is not the image of God as some would believe (they reference back to Adam being the image of God meaning what God looks like a human or the human looks like God). I do not believe God is in human form with long white hair, a beard and an angry accusing scowl on his face as depicted in so many paintings.

    Historically speaking, Artists were employed by Kings and Queens, religious leaders and the very wealthy...Artists are makers and have to make a living just as everyone else does. We also study to learn our craft...that is very important. It is only when we understand our craft we can find our voice and make our art.
    I have to throw honey pots and garlic pots to make a living...the art is my indulgence. It truly is where I am most connected to God and his Universe.
    Oh for goodness sakes is your toe!

    man.. just what god said , except god is perfect man is not,perhaps one day we'll be perfect in that image until then we can only see our own image while god has a two way mirror and sees us as we truelly are.

    I have thought of this often from every which way and I cannot imagine there is an image and do not know the answer.. There is just a collective spiritulism perhaps. All to much for me as I am just a mere mortal.

    Me! Me! Me! and You! You! You!

    God = You, Me, Life, Love, the air you breath, the food you eat, everything that is, everything that is knowable, all of all there is.

    This is it.

    I am it . You are it… and so is this. He is it. She is it. and that is that.  


    Reminiscent of a Dr Seuss story, lol

    The only thing that we can honestly have an "opinion about" must be small enough for us to understand. There are many things that I do not understand by this rule. But that is ok because I also am what I created and the illusion of being too small to know it all provides an amusing antidote to knowing too much.

    I agree with all you said :)

    Sounds like '' I Am the Walrus ''

    Koo koo ka joob.....

    Yea, yea, yea I just knew that if it went to La La you would all agreeā€¦Ha Ha Ha

    What does the soul look like???


    I almost answered this ... but caught myself just in time. : )

    An Oscar Award of course.

    turn your shoe up side down see your soul next to your heal made of leather.

    dowsa, that's right for a 'sole'-- :) Or maybe a fried fish sandwich.. LOL

    To me it doesn t matter  because I AM HIS CHILD

    I think his image was whatever he imagined up, great head on the man, we could have had extra toes or something....

    I believe what God said,we are made in his image,,i reckon that answers the question

    God created man in his own image,  does n't mean GOD is an image of man but what GOD perceives man to be.


    I could use a little more Fairy Dust...Really! ....and I would like to think-about where I would like to be and just be there....Ok..I know, buy a ticket...

    All paths are Good that lead to God by Love (Christ) proven by the Presence Peace (the Father).  And yet again - "No good cometh of any man save by that Good Spirit in a Man" - what is Spiritually Good defines the Image of God on Earth. 

    Great question for discussion and no definitive answer. My pastor spoke not long ago about the Pharisees asking Jesus about what to do with some money they'd received.  Jesus asked them whose picture was on the coins and they responded "Caesar's".  Jesus told them to "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God what is God's".  In other words, the image of Caesar made those coins his; the image of God in US makes us God's. 

    I'm not sure exactly what part of "us" is in God's image, but I tend to go along with the concept of "soul", a part of us that is not visible, but certainly DOES exist, to some degree, in everyone.

    He looks something like us b/c the bible says He made us in His image. And when He sent his son to live among us, He didn't make him to look like an alien. Also, the reason I think He looks like us, is so that we'll be able to recognise Him in heaven.

    The real question,Colleen -- Who or what created GOD?


    Nothing. God being an energy and not a being has simply always been. No beginning, no ending. IT just is.

    bullet, God was just always there. And he'll always be there. That's just the way it is. The Bible says we don't understand his ways, b/c His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. And God works in mysterious ways.

    Rev chapter one vs 14to 17, His head and his hairs were white like wool , as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; And his feet like unto fine brass as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters And he had in his right hand seven stars ; and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength. And when I saw him , I fell at his feet as dead . And he laid his right hand upon me , saying unto me , fear not; I am the first and the last;


    Dnanners- - -that's powerful !

    I am motivated by the Comment:  "Who or What created God?"

    It certainly is a monumental question, one that troubles all men greatly when the thought of death slips into the minds of men.   For the "What" is the creature man and the "Who" is that which resides in him.  God is in His own IDEA of himself, uncreated yet most creative by His Ideas of Himself.

    And in turn the glory of men is in the Who of himself which is the very Life or that Divine Energy packing this  pile of dirt (worldly body) around.  Life is Gods Presence, most apparent in men, it is His Idea of himself on all planes, in all  deminsions, therefore in all that is or is not. 

    Chuckles . . . and God bless - let them hear and receive it who can.  ;-)  Amen.    



    God is infinate. There is no beginning and no ending. God is just there. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. I don't think I'm a know-it-all. I'm just quoting the source ---the bible.

    I agree with Colleen.

    Am I included in the 'all'?

    i think God's image like that of the universe

    We look like God and it is HE not it. That is offensive to me miss.


    Using the word "he" applies to gender. Gender can only be applied to the human body The human body is organic. The human body remains here on earth. It does not go with us to heaven. Soul goes to heaven but has no gender because again, gender applies to the physical body. Sorry that you are offended by me using IT in place of a male God but I do not believe the creator has a gender since the IT does not require a physical body. So which "we" do you think looks more like God (IT) because even people do not look the same.
    terryfossil 1

    Difference of belief Guys,,,the bottom line is some of us will be right and some of us will be wrong,,we will all die, and when we do we will all know the truth...some will be happy some will not...we do get to search for the truth and then make our decision ..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    And I'm just discussing. Don't freak out that this is a major argument or something. Just expressing why I call the creator "IT" rather than "HE" and the reason behind it. I did not do it to offend BOOZAWEEZLE (I know who he is btw and he has shown time and time again he likes to stir the pot. He has used many names here). OK with you?
    terryfossil 1

    Colleen,of course it is alright with me,,everyone has a right to search for their belief,,once they have chosen,,they will ride that belief to the end,,be it right or be it wrong,,,Always nice talking Colleen..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

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