Is it wrong to tell a woman she should not smoke and breast feed a baby ?

    Last week outside an airport i was standing behind a woman who had a month old baby non stop crying. She was trying to bottle feed the baby and smoke. Everybody was watching her , and said nothing.  I asked this woman why she smokes and feeds baby breast milk . She said it wont hurt baby cause her mother did same thing to her. I couldnt believe what i had heard.  I had to ask her one more question before i left. Who did you vote for president , she said obama. One elderly lady next to her said , this is how obama got elected, ignorance.

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    Well the second hand smoke is not good for the baby unfortunately you don't have to obtain a licence to have a baby...the rest of the story is amusing. 

    You can say what you like but I don't think it's going to change that woman's thinking patterns one bit.  Let's hope the baby isn't effected by the smoking or better yet the woman will quit and the subject becomes mute.

    When you see something- say something. Thank you Zorro!

    I should give you 2 TUs for your courage to talk to that mother in the public re smoking.  Your sole concern is good health fot the baby.  The mother is totally ignorant about the harmful effects of cigarette smoking to her and her baby.  A small cigarette contains 4600 chemicals which are bad to the health.  Second hand smoke is as bad as smoking, if not worse than.  The baby may develop respiratory illness like asthma, cough or even emphysema.  Nice job, Zorro!  Your good deed has my support.

    How sad that this woman either has no idea or doesn't care and that this child is going to suffer for her ignorance.


    ??? what do you mean bull?

    my heart goes out to the baby , ignorance breeds ignorance . sad part is the baby is smoking weather she has a choice or not, but on the flip side theirs much worse abuse going on in this sad world of ours that we don't see.

    Nobody there gave me any problems about questioning or criticizing her for it.  I really felt bad for the child, because mother subjecting baby to substances from smoking that could have bad effects. Little baby , named rashawn , just seemed so distressed , and mother couldn't do anything to help or make baby calm down. I didnt feel bad about lecturing her and nobody disagreed with me there. I'd do it again. 

    I don't agree with subjecting a child to cigarette smoke, but I also don't feel you should be criticizing someone in public when they are not breaking any law. It also sounds as if your question about her voting was just your attempt to degrade her. 


    I agree

    I agree with you flip and kimba. I say mind your own business/ What does smoking have to do with Obama anyway. Just another way to put down a smoker minding her own business.

    It is really incredible the things you see and hear today.  I probably would have said something, too, and met with the same blockhead excuse. 
    I was at a college football game a couple of weeks ago and the vey tall man in front of me was wearing a western hat that made it impossible for me to see over or around either side.  It was with tremendous fear I asked if he would mind removing the hat.  He looked at me as though I had tentacles pouring from my mouth and blood spurting from my eyes, but he did remove it.  At the next game, he was wearing a snug-fitting  baseball cap. 
    Everyone has a brain....some just don't feel the need to exercise them.

    No, it's not wrong. You should be telling her for the baby's sake. Everything the mother ingests, winds up in her breast milk; and hense , it goes into the baby. Ditto for preg women who smoke. That's sad.

    I thought that was considered child endangerment to smoke around children.


    I did as well. I think there is a law's to do if you smoke in a car when children are present.

    Are you female or male zorro? I think if a man criticised the mother he would get an earful of insults.


    Very true

    the only insults i got was here from a irrational moderator that says the mother has every right as a smoker to poison her baby. Nobody standing in line ever showed one ounce of disagreement with me. The only people that disagree would be the weak minded and a damn civil right attorney from the aclu that would say she has every right to do this to a baby.

    I really dont feel it was your place to question this woman - a complete stranger about her mothering methods. It was even more wrong of you to ask her who she voted for, that has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I can assure you that the baby was NOT crying as a result of her smoking a cigarette and if you seen the woman struggling that much with the baby why make her stop and answer your ridiculous questions - bad timing dont you think?


    Absolutely not. The baby was probably crying because of the nicotene in the breast milk. Nicotene is a stimulant .

    no one should stand by and let a baby be inhaling smoke, or something else toxic

    no one should stand by and let a baby be inhaling smoke, or something else toxic

    Clu and I are wondering about the breast milk/bottle thing.  Please clarify.


    thanks fish girl

    the mother expresses (pumps out) her breast milk and puts it in a bottle.

    That part I understood except why one earth would you know she did that just in passing? I didn't tell anyone that it was breast milk in the bottle. Just curious.

    That part I understood except why one earth would you know she did that just in passing? I didn't tell anyone that it was breast milk in the bottle. Just curious.

    If she was breast feeding- Why the bottle? Blame the president for everything wrong in the world? give me a break!


    The breast feeding and bottle was a very confusing sentence...Generally speaking if one is breast feeding then that is what they are doing. Clu... ask how it was known about the breast milk in the bottle... just joking.

    She was not breast feeding. Feeding breast milk in a bottle. These are the type of sorry people that voted for obama, no common sense intelligence whatsoever. There is your break.

    The baby was probably crying like mad because breast fed babies tend not to like feeding from the bottle...try as I did so that I actually could do a few things, none of my children took to bottles very the end I gave up and fed them discretely.
    P.S....Voting for Obama or anyone in America is none of my business. I'm not American.

    hell yes , i had every intention of degrading her. During that 10 minutes in line i thought how could i get this dumbass to change her habit to give that child a better chance to a healthier life.. I tried to be civil, didnt work. But when i stooped to her level of rationalization, she started responding . Unfortunately,  she was too bullheaded and set in her ways to realize that what she was doing was not good for the baby. Whats wrong with my attempt ?


    You didn't change a thing. Next time take a book with you and mind your own business.

    Its a free life here in USA. She has the right to act stupid, nothing she says or did can be held against her, Criticize, hell yes i will do that. Maybe i could have improved that childs chance at a healthier life by getting the mother to stop feeding the baby breast milk from her while she smoked.That mother is weak and should be made an example .

    She said she had breast milk in the bottle. She also said it wont hurt him by what she eats, drinks, or smokes. She was just plain nasty. Missing teeth and all.


    My son and his GF smoke around their 1 and 2 year old girls all the time. It is disgusting to me, especially since my dad had cancer in his early 40's which was caused by smoking. Neither one of them has the inititive to get a job, but think nothing is amiss when they walk over a mile in 100+ degree Fresno heat to get to the corner maret and buy a pack of smokes; then they walk all the way back, puff puff puffing.
    You and I both know that woman was completely wrong in her actions. You did what you thought was right. The Obama remark was over the line, but it sounds like she frustrated you to the point of derision.

    So because she has missing teeth she's a bad mom?

    No, Yvonne, not because of her missing teeth, because she gave the baby breast milk from her that contained carcenogenic compounds from smoking cigarettes. Yes thats bad.If she cant realize that , hell yes, she is bad mother. Her being a good mother was brought down by her nicotene addiction.Being a good mother is natural and a learned process.Some will never get it. As for the obama comment, i just asked her, never made any comment whatsoever.

    You can have your say,but really it is not going to get you anywhere.I have seen people get punched for not minding thier own business.A lot worse goes on behind closed doors,concerning children .However i do admire your courage for voiceing your concern over such a sickening site.

    It just shows that part of society that doesnt  care or doesnt know how to care for the welfare of their children. As for asking her who she voted for, i just asked , thats all.  I had a good guess before i asked, just wanted to confirm  my thoughts.  Other people watching in line were not surprised of her answer. 

    This just goes to show the mentality of some people cannot become rationalized by any means. I had a good idea even before i spoke to her, she would not agree to any rational comments. I will agree its none of my business, but when i see a defenseless baby being poisoned i will put somebody down and try to make them realize it is bad.Just because its legal for her to do it, doesnt mean its good for her to do. If i wanted to and had the time ,i could have really ripped her apart and she would have had a really bad day.Yvonne if you cant see what that mother was doing to her baby is damaging , you are a very sick person. As a moderator you should be a rational person. No rational person in this modern day world would defend what this woman is doing to her baby. It is absolutely weak minded to say its a free world she can do as she wants, and to say i should mind my own business. Tell me how it is bad to try to help a baby from being poisoned. Tell me.


    I guess I wonder WHY you asked for opinions if you insist that everyone that doesn't agree with you is wrong.

    Absolutely not. That crap is likely entering the baby's bloodstream. It's been proven scientifically that cigarette contents are found in breast secretions shortly after smoking. In my book, this is child abuse.

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