Why are you going to click on this question?...............Well, what are you waiting for?

                                                                Thank you and good day to you. 

    Curiosity killed the cat?, then I am glad I am not a cat. But I am curious, curious to know what attracts some of you to this site day after day, week after week. Is it a Bug?  You tell me and in a couple of weeks time I will tell you mine.

    p.s. Sometimes I wish I were a cat, I love them.

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    Because of interesting perspectives from a diverse  group of people.

    Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.............

    I feel the same as daren1,i go through withdrawals if i don't get my daily fix.

    it's like heroin to me .. i need my daily fix..

    well for me it beats the bejesus out of playing solitaire.

    I just like the picture...looks like Oliver, my puss

    For me, its one of my  drugs. The first been Coffee. Love pic of your cat, love animals.

    Wis ... Tor Aliup',

    My answer would be a little of what everyone else is saying.  It was curiosity that brought me here, that's for sure.
    This is my refuge right now. I have no job, only a few close friends, and I just spent my summer hanging out with someone who now has a gf.  I've got to get back into the social world and, at 59 and female, it scares me.  It is easier to interact right here.  The rejection is minimal.
    The people in the circle I find myself are really easy to communicate with, helpful, supportive, funny, and sincere (even when joking).  It is like a life classroom. 
    I'm looking forward to your reason! 


    Bob/PKB I can truly empathise with you, I started over again in my fifties, new town, new person in my life (I was fortunate to find a caring person)you sound intelligent, thoughtful, kind and compassionate,people should feel blessed to have you as part of their lives,there are people out there that would value and love you for all your fine qualities,including your sense of humour.

    THANK YOU, lambshank, for the encouraging and kind words. With a little effort on my part, getting involved in different things should put me in contact with new people. Who knows what good stuff is waiting???
    Reading about your marriage and rehab and moving to a new place is amazing to me. That took so much courage, inner strength, faith, and determination. You are an inspiration.

    fish girl, it's hard to believe you would feel anxious or unsure speaking to anyone. My image of you is one of serenity and completely in control of the room. Your answers seem to come from someone who is completely comfortable with who she is and everything else about her.

    Im so happy you like cats

    Im so happy you like cats


    They make me sneeze ok at a distance only

    fish girl, I know its easy for people to suggest things, so I won't, I know its not necessarily helpful but know I look forward to your witty answers and as Im sure we all do, I wish you all the best, it must be very difficult. Hang in there

    Well west you know I love cats what else can I say perhaps I have rencarnated from a cat! who knows good question xxx


    Hi Mel. The TU is not functioning just now. I will try again later.

    hey West-bus dont worry xxx

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